Saturday, March 31, 2018

So Trump is a Prick

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was talking to my old neighbor yesterday in town and I mentioned Donald Trump and without hesitation he said, "That guys a prick!!!" and recoiled away.
Now Bugsy is not some left wing nut, as he is God, Mom,Guns and Ford Tractors, and as his wife says she is behind the Bobcat skidsteer which he dearly loves, but he is the trend in Americans who held their nose in voting for Donald Trump and are not about to do so again.

Donald Trump is engaged now in destroying the GOP for a Trump party of Sodomite Socialists as Webster Griffin Tarpley stated was the deep state agenda for Hamrod Clinton in only offering Americans communists and socialists to vote for.

For those who listen to Ann Coulter, another backdoor sodomite for Trump whisperings, as she has brought up the Lame Cherry primarying of Donald Trump, do not buy that, as that is by design as Kasich is by design as is Jeff Flake and Kamala Harris is by design. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh for the CIA Mockingbird are pressure relief valves, meant to scream for you, so you will go back to watching March Madness on television and just follow along and never rise up.

Mike Pence was in North Dakota, now savaging Heidi Heitkamp for Kevin Craemer. Craemer for Senate is unstoppable as a Republican so the White House has to go along for the ride. It should be noted in South Dakota that Pence or Trump have yet to care about anything there.

Howard Stern has now called for Trump to step down so Pence could be President. So you would get the Indian mafia which is basically Trump with a sour face in Indiana for the exact same things Trump is engaged in. The point in this is Donald Trump removed from office gets you Pence, and Pence removes gets you Paul Ryan, and Ryan removed gets you Mitch  McConnell and  McConnell removed gets you Mike Pompeo.  You get Trump and the same policies in this no matter what.

Donald Trump is the horse we rode out of the Obama abyss in 2016 and in 2017  this Trump nag rode us right back down into Obama managed misery as zero economic growth, no tax breaks, Obamacare rationed death on the books..........and Gorsuch the sodomite in the Supreme Court with sodomite Roberts and Kennedy. The only solution in this is a real Christian in Kevin Sorbo with Michele Bachmann as Vice President, and their telling the voters, "Look there is going to be a deep state coup in this, the markets will implode and things will be horrid, but in militia order you will have  to come to Washington and your state capitals and the US military and federal police will be ordered to protect you."

Barring that nothing will change, and each of us must resign to the reality that Donald Trump is what America is stuck with, as he is Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, as the same deep state sources protect the same outcome. Hillary and Jeb are more leftist CIA, while Trump is protected by the leftist DIA, but as you can see the same looting for Wall Street, the same looting for the Pentagon, the same small wars, the same big wars, the same taxing you to death is what takes place.
Also the same mounting distrust in the system which is by design to foment a civil unrest for a crackdown is the reality. All of this is by design and is deliberate. Nothing of this is by chance and that is the reality which has been proven in Donald Trump is what we are stuck with on the ride to the same tightening gulag as before.

We can not get out of America as it require a passport. Canada has been designed as Australia to be more socialist to keep Americans from mass migrating. Mexico is toxic as is Latin America. This is it and this is the reality we are all going to live through in the same paying your taxes, same obeying the laws, same not making yourself a target and the same things which everyone voted against in MAGA for Donald Trump.

Trump is what he is even if you might not like what he is, he is all there is, and that is the way it is.

- Lame Cherry
For those hoping Donald Trump will become the President they voted for, there is zero chance of that happening.

Donald Trump has sold your gas, coal and oil to Eurasians, so energy prices will rise, which will continue inflation eating your meager resources.
Any jobs created are all going to the million point five Visa Vermin Trump is importing.
There will not be the necessary GDP expansion as Trump by Gary Cohn estabished Obamanomic  or Keynse managed misery where the slave class is exploited, you are replaced as Americans in an ecomonic genocide and the rich get richer.
At this point the DIA is Trump's protector so the Pentagon protects him in the Military Industrial Complex.

In all of those areas, along with the Dollar being warred against by China in oil currency and Russia joining Saudi Arabia in an oil war against America becoming the oil producer in the world, it points to war, and war is the only savior for these corrupt financiers as was stealing German wealth in two world wars. America is bankrupt, Trump adds to it at over 2 1/2 trillion dollars a year, like Obama is spending debt of 1.5 trillion on more "infrastructure" bribes lootin the Treasury, there simply is not any money left to make America great again nor to give you a reasonable chance at a standard of living. You are being consumed by an economic cancer.

So all there is, is Donald Trump. He has been moulded into the plans of the cartel. They will prosper while you will not. If you look at the English in their island cesspool in falling from empire, that is about what America will degrade to, but much more swiftly as the White race is vanquished deliberately in America.
There is not any way to prosper and promote a Protestant culture when it is being overbred by a Muslim and Mexican Jesuit slave class. America is owned by the cartel and it exploits the remaining Christian masses from womb to the tomb debt and will bomb it to oblivion in any scenario from an uprising to a nuclear war.

There will be talk again of "second tax cuts" in this time they will be for you, but that has been factored in like your first tax scraps were all about Trumpflation in higher prices turning over that wealth to the cartels in food and energy prices. This is all factored in by Jew Street in Gary Cohn's job. The next tax cuts if they come will be factored into more Trumpflation and this war economy.

That is what Donald Trump has put into place in his firings and hirings, is a group who will make war, and in reality America's only hope really is an anti Christ in Europe arising to produce upheaval in Asia or a nuclear Russian roulette which crops most of the culls in this world, and leaves pockets of Christian normalcy for Jesus to return and find. Yes Virginia, nuclear pollution will be the wall to protect you in your enclaves if you survive as Trump's wall never will.

Do not look at this as a forbidding future. It simply is the future. A future which God will produce another day until time runs out. In knowing the landscape, one is not driven by emotions or fear, but can assess and plan a proper way through this beyond surviving, and engaged in prospering.

Your forbearers made it out of Samarian exile, into Asia, the Caucasus, Europe's black forests, to America in several thousand years journey to a wilderness in America. God guided them and will sustain the Faithful. This is nothing which has vanquished any of your lines reading this. satan does not win and Christ already has the victory, so this is just simply another ordeal in the great saga of the children of the Lord.

If you know Donald Trump is a prick, then that may be what America needs is a prick to rule for scraps of a nation to come through this, but know you have Christ who is King of kings and Lord of lords, an is coming back a Warrior to establish Justice and Peace, and He is not a prick and He will make a world where you will lay down and not be afraid and will rise without apprehension.

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