Friday, March 30, 2018

The First Protocol

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On October 1, 1941 AD, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill signed the First Protocol in lend lease with the former allies of Nazi Germany, in Stalin's Soviet Union, a nation of Godless barbarians where Stalin would freeze to death tens of millions of Ukrainians as Stalin slaughtered his own armies to buy time.

In this time Americans were being demanded upon to hand over everything they and an Brits did not even have tea  bags, but England and America agreed to supply 400 aircraft and 500 tanks a month to the Russians in winter.
This in addition to food, raw materials, huge weapons caches and medical supplies were what depression era Americans and Brits were demanded of to by their regimes.

Stalin wrote to Churchill after this agreement to urge MORE from the Americans and British as this was not enough.

British Hawker Hurricane

Churchill, not having transportation agreed to a convoy every 10 days, a the Blitz was  taking place. The Admiralty thought 1 convoy every 40 days was in the scope of their abilities.
The first convoy delivered 140 heavy British tanks (which  were light by even German standards) 200 universal carriers and 100 Hurricane fighters. Only 7 convoys would reach the communists inn 1941 at an average of 23 days.

American M 3 Light Tank

FDR's promises were even more mundane in only 23 light M3 tanks reached the Soviet Union. The Americans did supply a number of Tomahawk fighter bombers to the Russians, which were a very robust aircraft and saw immediate deployment for the Moscow defense, as the Russian pilots liked the American planes for the punishment they could absorb.

American P 40 Tomahawk fighter bomber

None of this was good enough for Stalin, who had literally caused the invasion of Poland with his pact with the 3rd Reich.
On October 12th, the Soviets were allowed to occupy British Persia. Churchill offered to replace the 5 Soviet divisions occupying Iran with British soldiers, but Stalin wanted to know why the British were not on the Soviet front lines fighting Germans instead.
This of course would not have been necessary if Stalin had not destroyed almost a dozen Soviet armies in colossal defeats for 5 months by the Germans.

Stalin also demanded that Churchill declare war on Finland, Romania and Hungary who had joined Adolf Hitler in the European Crusade to end communism in Europe. Churchill would not do this, as the English knew as the war turned, those nations did not need to be made into full blown antagonists.

In all of this the communists took up a phrase that Britain was prepared to fight to the last drop of Soviet blood.

The irony in all of this is the British people were demanding like Stalin that more British tommies be killed by placing them on the Soviet left flank. This from an army which was defeated in France. An army defeated in Africa, and an Army which would be defeated by the Japanese in the coming months.
The British had General Montgomery for one battle in Africa. After that they sat on their rears along with the American  1st Army, as Patton's 3rd Army did all of the fighting.

The moral of all of this is, if FDR did not aid the butcher Stalin, Germany would have had to have contented itself burning itself out "civilizing" greater Slavic Germany. She would still require the British empire and America as trading partners so would remain at peace, until as Charles Lindbergh predicted would be the case.
There would not have been trillions wasted on a Soviet Cold War, a nuclear arms race, and more to the point America in being incompetent in supplying costly lend lease, would not now have vulnerable bases with immense weapon's caches to be either obliterated by Moscow and China with one missile strike, or seized for use against the United States and NATO.

So you understand this, Hitler was a socialist. The world turned into socialism against the will of the American people who now are in the same Nazi conglomerate state that Germany was. America wasted all her fortune defending Europe in NATO, and in this created the monster of Russia under FDR and Bill Clinton's technology advancements and George HW Bush creating China.

These are absolutely disastrous American policies for 100 years which have robbed Americans and concentrated wealth to the feudal few. With Mr. President in the White House, not making peace with Russia as promised, America is now bankrupt and being dragged into another world war, which is not what the American People desire as they are robbed again.

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