Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Indian does not agree with Mrs. Clinton

Please save me as I am terrified the fat white woman will fall on me!!!

As reported here, Hillary Hamrod Clinton has not been having a very good trip to India as she literally is tripping in India, and as of last count, she tripped twice on the stairs and once in the tub. The tub was worse as she broke her wrist, as apparently her fat boy body guard, who seems to be some sort of Secret Service reject that is suffering from some sort of mutation disease.


Secret Service Agent Murray Mutant and Hillary the tripper Clinton

Somewhere in this Hamrod has apparently fallen on her head too as she has taken up a screed of she lost the 2016 election due to racism, men and women hating the woman in her (I don't think that is Huma) and she lost because men told their wives not to vote for Hamrod.
Seriously, I don't know a man alive whose wife does what he says. The surest thing to make a woman do something is to tell her not to do something.......but in that I thought Hamrod won with 3 million more votes than Trump, so who were these women that were listening to their husbands, as none of them apparently voted in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

Clinton attracted controversy earlier in her visit to India. At a conference in Mumbai over the weekend, she again suggested that racism and misogyny were explanations for her loss in the 2016 presidential election.

Apparently the Indian does not set well with Hillary Clinton. I figure if she stays a few more days, she will beak a hip and come up with it was not racism, women hating, brow beaten women, but the worst thing ever in ...........just a moment here in how can White Privilege Hillary Clinton claim racism, as is she saying that no one voted for her because she was White?

I really think that Hamrod just needs to get in a wheelchair like FDR and see how that goes on the sympathy tour. It certainly will not have her falling down, but I can't promise that Huma will not push her into the Ganges or the path of a herd of sacred cows trampling her to death.

Honestly, in reviewing this, I think the Grim Reaper has been out to get Hamrod for a few years, but the thing is he doesn't want her around, so he sort of misses when he swings the scythe.  I can understand Hamrod getting pot belly pig fat to give her some cushion as she seems to fall every few hours, but ...........look I don't get any of this, as we all know something is wrong with this sick old woman in she can not keep her balance and it not because she is smoking dope or tipping back a fifth for breakfast, lunch and supper.

It appears someday we are going to read the headline:

Hillary Clinton fell down and killed herself........or was it........Hillary Clinton died and fell down.

Who the hell knows but the Grim Reaper.