Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Pike

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This news report has surfaced that a Russian sub evaded detection outside American military naval bases, but no one is telling you what it means. As my finger is cracked from the cold and it hurts to type, I will give the short version.

The submarine which carried this out, was an older one in an Akula class or Pike. It is atomic powered, but is not the thermonuclear submarine type of the Typhoon class.  This submarine is designed to kill US Navy ships.

From the details provided, this submarine parked of the US Coast, 200 miles out, was undetected coming in and going out, and this was a Pearl Harbor message to Donald Trump. The Akulas are Pacific fleet, so that means this girl was on the American West Coast, and specifically it was to send a message that Moscow can kill the US Pacific fleet in port, as stated this was a Pearl Harbor message.
This sub carries 40 torpedoes and could wipe out several carrier groups. There are finite numbers of ports from San Diego to Washington.

It is a reality that the satellite and acoustic systems have been defeated by the Russians. What you must be aware of is the VA 111, which of course is what all of you are unaware, as this is the major torpedo component of the Pike. Here is a list of the capabilities.


 Effective firing range

Shkval: 7 km (4.3 mi)
Shkval 2: From 11–15 km (6.8–9.3 mi)
Warhead Conventional explosive or nuclear
Warhead weight 210 kg (460 lb)

Engine Solid-fuel rocket
Propellant Solid-fuel
Speed Launch speed: 50 knots (93 km/h; 58 mph)
Maximum speed: in excess of 200 knots (370 km/h; 230 mph)
GOLIS autonomous inertial guidance
533 mm torpedo tubes

To explain the above, this torpedo is capable of 230 miles per hour speeds and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. 10 miles out of a US port, this submarine can deliver up to 40 nuclear warheads. Miniaturize a thermonuclear weapon, put on a cobalt core, and one has Mr. Putin's stealth torpedoes to perform scorched earth in tidal wave wash on a small scale.
This one Pike could pollute every Pacific port and wipe out every US naval asset.

That is what the message is. These are self guided torpedoes and a submarine delivery system which has defeated US surveillance.
There is a point to be examined in this beyond the Pacific fleet. The question must be addressed in this disaster of what happens when Russia, China, Iran or North Korea deploys something America has not dealt with since the Civil War in American internal navigational waters. What happens if one of these submarines gets loose in the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Great Lake, the Mississippi River? This is a delivery system which could cripple the American Midwest and interior.  Russia does not need their missiles and bomber as they have a platform which is a doomsday machine.

America has had such remarkably inept diplomatic and political leadership which has been antagonizing Russia, and as Mr. President has broken his promise of making peace with Russia in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, we have this continuous message coming from Moscow that it can and will neutralize the United States by bringing the war America starts in Eurasia to inside the United States.

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