Friday, March 23, 2018

The Question of MAC: Mark Anthony Conditt

REPORT: Austin Bomber Used Alias ‘Kelly Killmore’ To Ship Explosives

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Now that Mark Conditt is dead and we can all agree that homeschooled Christians are all evil and a threat, there is not any need to examine a reality that there are double statements by authorities and realities in this, which do not add up.

The shooting of the corpse by police to make sure Corbitt was dead.

The statement by police in having Conditt under surveillance for the past day, from cell phone, to drones at the hotel, and then announce to the public to be careful of packages as the police did not know where Corbitt had been.

The 23-year-old had also used nails purchased at a Home Depot, according to the congressman.  To place this in perspective, Home Depot sells nails to myriads of people and Conditt was employed in construction with his father, so a record of his purchasing nails is what he did.

Then there is the report of Conditt having a list of future targets. In reality, how many people do you think in Texas googled addresses of the bomb sites?  In addition, Conditt was involved in construction, perhaps he was researching jobs.
In addition, as thee authorities did search these addresses and did not find any bombs, then perhaps these were not target addresses by Conditt.
There is always a legal defense way of looking at this, as would be in a court of law and not having one's corpse lynched in the press.

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said that authorities have discovered that Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, had a "target list of future targets" including residences and addresses discovered by authorities.
"I think he had pulled these addresses, these were his future targets. It was a target list." he said on "America's Newsroom."
McCaul added that based on the data authorities were able to retrieve from Conditt, they were able to go the homes and "clear them" from any suspicious packages.

The statement that Conditt drove into the ditch, when the fact was police forced him off the road.


The statement that police were "blown back" from the blast when approaching the Corbitt vehicle, and then the statement they were beating on his vehicle when the detonation took place, but no windows were blown out of the vehicle, so how were police knocked down?


 And then the mysterious photo of the above, showing Conditt's vehicle moved to a new location, from the crime scene. TMZ states these are crime scene photos, and yet where is the chain link fence in the original photo or any of the background trash?
It literally is illegal to move a vehicle from a crime scene and yet in the second photo there are smiling federal agents all over this new location.
The same two white vans and panel wagons are present, the car is now in a deep ditch, and again the chain link fence. This vehicle has been moved without a tow truck, and if one realizes that a blown apart body was in that driver seat, which federal agent was in that goo and was destroying evidence, as this vehicle has been moved.

This now begs the question in no windows blown out and no one is going to sit in a pile of Conditt goo, that perhaps this kid was not in this vehicle.

The statement that the house was unkempt and yet the published photo reveals a normal home.


The statement that Conditt was homeschooled, then did not graduate a 2 year community college, then was working in construction with his father, and then appears as a "computer technician" purchasing exotic batteries overseas in order to build these bombs.
This would be a red flag marker in tracking anyone, as someone setting up Conditt could have employed him to order these batteries.
In addition, how does a kid in Texas know that Asian batteries are the choice for making terror bombs? It was not like these devices were sitting on porches for a month or in transit for weeks to hold a charge. This points to a foreign source of knowledge in the construction of these bombs, as an American would choose what they were familiar with. Crux is Austin based, but these were cell phone batteries which is evident they are not easily hooked up and would require specific knowledge, meaning again foreign source knowledge of construction.

 Pantech Crux Cellphone Battery

7:43 AM PT -- It is now being reported that Conditt used an "exotic" and foreign battery in his explosives which allowed authorities to link the bombings together. Crux Manufacturing touts on its website that it specializes in handling "exotic materials."

Pay particular attention to something which law enforcement should not have allowed published in the weight of the package at 5.8 or almost 6 pounds. Minus the packing, this leaves a 5 pound device as the battery was nill, shrapnel was nil, and it will be assumed the plastic container for the household ingredients was nil, point to this was a 5 pound device which would have caused more damage in the FedEx building than has been noted. 5 pounds is a great deal of pyrotechnics.

A scenario for the conspiracy minded would appear once again, that like Las Vegas, there was an Islamic background to the events in Texas, and a scapegoat was created, and someone placed an explosive device in Corbitt's vehicle.
A defense attorney could as easily make the point that someone could have hired Conditt to deliver packages as he was unemployed, and Conditt had no idea he was dropping things off on porches which were bombs.

Examine the "evidence" of the FedEx photos. This could be anyone as the face is obscured, while the FedEx employees is clear. There are just things wrong with this, including a "confession" which was not a confession, and a bomb that was substantial to "knock officers down" and kill Conditt, but like Timex watches, Conditt's phone took bombing and was still ready to play back a 25 minute "confession" to wrap all of this up.

The police chief said that Conditt had talked in detail about each and every bomb he created, and each one's minor differences, so he was confident that all the explosives had now been accounted for.
'We still want our community to remain vigilant, but I want to let the community know he mentioned seven explosive devices, and we have identified those devices and those are no longer in play. We can account for every bomb, and he did individually identify each bomb.'
Manley said that police were still trying to understand the motive behind the bombings - and that the phone recording offers a key insight into why Conditt embarked on the killing spree.

Note: The FedEx suspect has two packages in his hand. The larger and a smaller and flatter package. This is not to mean that a device could not have been in the smaller package, but the smaller package would not have the fuel to accomplish what was expected of the past bombs left on porches.
It could be  that the larger package was defused and the smaller detonated, but once again even in the packages it is not logical for the purpose which past action intended. Forensic psychology produces patterns. The patterns are violated in all of this time and again, pointing to different people.

Does the tanned kid above look like the FedEx suspect? I would be  most interested in the autopsy report on Mark Conditt as the FedEx suspect appears to be a 30 something fat assed male while Conditt appears to be lithe.  The FedEx suspsect appears 200 to 220 pound weight class, while Conditt appears in the 150 to 180 pound group.

There are far too many discrepancies in these official reports, as is the case of the Las Vegas shooter. What keeps coming out does not fit the profile of Mark Conditt, and all the information being placed before the public is to create a scenario that there is nothing here to see so just move on.

After all, his own family has condemned this dark soul, who none of them witnessed one thing wrong about him, nor did anyone else.

"We had no idea of the darkness that Mark must have been in. Our family is a normal family in every way," the statement continued. "We love, and we pray and, we try to inspire and serve others. Right now our prayers are for those families who have lost loved ones, for those impacted in any way, and for the soul of our Mark."

Perhaps a family should be asking questions instead of joining in when the statements are not matching the evidence again.

"That's the one thing we don't have right now, is a motive behind this. We do not understand what motivated him to do what he did." 

Perhaps because he did not do this, because how does a cell phone survive a bomb blast. Is it like on 9 11 when the terrorists billfold was found on a New York street in pristine condition after flying into a building on fire?