Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Real Secrets of Hillary Clinton's Server

I never saw a mention of that before on the server........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The blog has expose already that the server of Hillary Clinton was a portal into secure government servers in a quid pro quo, but this server which Birther Hussein  was emailing to under an alias had far more nefarious purposes than simply hiding the crimes of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

All of you are flat world in your thought processes. You are told something has a purpose and you believe it, and you never contemplate that something may have had several purposes, and that is what Hamrod's server was designed for, because as it was providing all of the above, you never asked yourself how it was that the Russians got blamed immediately in this, when they never hacked the DNC server, as that was Seth Rich, disgruntled over Clinton crimes in setting up Bernie Sanders as a straw man for her to knock down and steal the election.
So why finger the Russians? It is as was reported here in Russia was supposed to be a focal point in all of this as Birther Hussein was already moving American tanks back into Poland, in fact most of the American inventory went to Poland, because Hamrod Bush was  preparing for a war with Russia. Russiagate or the hacking of poor victim Hillary Clinton was to be the propaganda point on the evils of Putin and Russia, and from there build to a war pitch, as the same aggressive actions Trump has been initiating in troop deployments and arming Ukraine, to bombing Russians in Syria, Hillary Clinton was locked and loaded for even more.

As was reported here exclusively, "Russian Hacking" in the framework, built upon the seizure of Russian assets in Cyprus under Obama. Obama placed more sanctions on Russia, created an oil war to break Russia, and this was all about forcing Russia to dump their money into London and New York Stock Markets to be stolen there too. Russia declined but everything Trump has been engaged in in Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchkin has been about what Hamrod was going to accomplish in making Russia divest itself of it's money into western investment where it would be confiscated.

Russia is resisting, so a further war footing was to be established, and interesting Vladimir Putin in the Putin Doctrine jumped the peg and stated Russia will respond with nuclear weapons in 3 phases if Russia or it's allies are attacked. That for the time being has checkmated Donald Trump's pressuring of Russia for money, but it still remains on the table the Rothschild vision of America, Russia and China destroying each other, along with Muslims, scorching Europe and allowing the feudal few to rule in their immortal nature. No one cares about the Negroid or the Latinoid as they will be dispensable and not missed in any footnote in history as South America and Africa become primordial playgrounds.

Meanwhile, you understand now why the Russian narrative was established, but you have made the mistake in thinking this is all there was to this, but there was another facet of this server never before mentioned until now.
There are always factions inside any regime, and it is like when this blog stated as policy to convert North Korea, that Missionaries should be sent in. The Bush people jumped on that, but sent in CIA spies instead, and North Korea spotted them, and the entire long range plan was ruined. Ask yourself now in Obama knew about Hillary's server and the quid pro quo. The FBI knew about it. CIA knew about it, so did the people allowed in through the backdoor. All those people knowing about it, surely there were factions who were trading on the outside access to this server and there were factions on the inside who thought, "Gee, all these foreigners have access through Hillary Clinton's server, maybe we should start feeding false information into that server which would suit our needs, as the Russians and Chinese would think it was all gold".

Now do you understand why this  server was not shut down and why Hamrod was allowed to Bleach Bit it? It was not protecting Hillary Clinton, but it was protecting the operation which was feeding counter intelligence to specific sources which was being protected. Hamrod was the convenient cover as everyone knew she was a crook, everyone knew the FBI was crooked, everyone knew Obama was crooked, so the bright children in intelligence ran a piggy back operation into that server feeding false information to specific contact points.

Does it all make a little more sense to you now, now that more of the dots are connecting as to Hamrod leaving classified material laying around and not being charged again, because those behind this were creating a counter operation. All extremely simple once you have the Lame Cherry pointing out the obvious again.

It is why Trump backed off on Hamrod in throwing her into jail as he got informed, "We can't put Hamrod on trial for fake intelligence which we planted, and if it gets out, then it blows the entire operation, and this is too vital as  we are in the initiating stages of drawing Russia out for war."

How America degraded from the dignity and honor of George Washington in uniform and civilian life is the prophecy that government is only as honest as the creatures who inhabit it. In looking at Russiagate, we have before us proven facts of selling off US minerals which got LaVoy Finiucm murdered by the FBI, fake hostage taking and murder at Benghazi to help Obama win re election, foreign bribes, elections manipulated by Hamrod and Bush, the murder of many including Seth Rich, the misuse of sanctions to blackmail Russia out of her  money and Chicoms served beautiful chocolate cake so Xi could look up Ivanka's skirt for a 666 bailout, as the world is pushed toward the next world war.
This is nothing American. It is smarmy, shifty, criminal and sinful. It all plays as a distraction so the genocide of nations will envelop the world, as we the people are robbed daily by Obamacare, Trump taxes, Trump high energy costs and Trump gun grabs.

I did not create the time line to put Donald Trump into the White House for a continuation of this unsavory enterprise. I voted in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord for peace, stability, justice and the regime obeying the laws and keeping it's promises. I am disgusted by it all and am returning to being non political in only looking for Christ's return.
You though now have more information on this as the Sara Carter's are fed distractions to keep you from seeing the deep state prize in all of this.

I just looked down at my keyboard on this laptop. The ASDFGLE, CVBNMO keys are completely worn off. I can see the pattern of this blog, including my thumbnail having scratched three lines into the M key as ruts. The space bar on the left side has an oval indentation in it as that is my left hand predominating as I type these Inspired works.
I began this all in the wonder of knowing, as knowing brought comfort, which I posted here so people would not be in the dark, but in that light I only have disgust for what I know as it is all darkness.

.......and all I want to do now after all of this accomplishment is to walk away and only know that robins hop on the grass hunting worms as a fish splashes in the pond as I sit in the shade of a tree, for it is cool there.