Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fair Trade Trump Trade

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The inclusion of Lawrence Kudlow as Economics Adviser in Trump Brand now that Gary Cohn has robbed the Treasury, is akin to Harry Truman wiping out Hiroshima with an atomic bomb and then appointing Green Peace to say how wonderful atomic bombs are for plant growth.

I respect Lawrence Kudlow, but he is another in a list of Trump personal phone calls, were Trump cons people into thinking that they have influence with them, and then does nothing of the things which they want. Lawrence Kudlow had input on the Trump Taxes, but there is absolutely ZERO of Reagan Kemp in this tax package, which can best be summed up as Wall Street looting American and the few thousand dollars Americans were afforded, have already been factored in to be stolen from them in Trump flation, beginning with high gas prices. To the penny the nazi conglomerate knows how much money they can extract from you before a revolution occurs, and under Trump gas prices and the egg producers are getting their pounds of American flesh.

"He's going to help Trump sleepwalk right into a tremendous fiscal collision," Stockman said on "Closing Bell."
What this post is about is Trump Tariffs and Fair Trade in explaining this so you can understand as to what you are being scammed on.

See Bush fam built China from the rice paddy. China subsidized all of it's materials to undercut Americans, drove them out of business and now China is charging more than what Americans would if they were in business yet.
That is what China does on steel in dumping cheap, under quality steel into America to go into Trump skyscrapers.

Now into this we hear the Wall Street nation rapists screaming for Fair Trade. Lawrence Kudlow is of this, as is Gary Cohn whose job was complete as he looted trillions for Goldman Sachs out of Trump Tax and there was not any reason for him to stay around, as Lawrence Kudlow a Reaganite is going to be the face of this coming disaster, as everyone is in agreement with David Stockman, another Reagan man, that the United States is going to be hemorrhaging morgue amounts of debt under Trump in 2018 under the guise again of "investment in America" which under Obama we knew as kickbacks and money laundering.

Kudlow conceded there will be a deficit in the short run, but he compared it to a company making new investments to grow its business
Fair Trade is best described in this way. You are Ivanka Kushner and you want Fair Trade, meaning open markets around the world, so that you can find nigger babies in Africa to be held in confinement to build your shoes which you sell for 500 dollars a pair, in costing you only 3 dollars to produce.
See Ivanka is like steel, in a skyscraper using quality American steel will cost 500 million dollars more, but using cheap China knockoff steel, they can pocket that 500 million as a production cost.

Tariffs to Donald Trump are something which benefits someone and that is Donald Trump, as he is a middle man, who just passes costs onto the suckers he sells things to. Tariffs do create job security in America for aluminum and steel, but you have to look at who employs Donald Trump in the Defense Intelligence Agency and Trump has been ranting about national security in steel and aluminum for years. The reason Donald Trump is protecting key American industry is there is a world war coming, and America can not depend on steel and aluminum from Europe or Asia, to keep production of their expensive missiles and jets to blow up the enemy.

So you should about now be figuring out that Trump has nothing to do with trade, no more than Kudlow has anything to do with the economy, as none of this is about trade or economics. All this is about is bribing the money men, in the promise that everything they are looting will be double paid when Trump allows them to sell all the American coal, oil and gas to foreigners, and it is about war, a war which the same cartel is counting Russian natural resources, along with Chinese and Russian gold reserves. Same reasons Germany was financially raped in two world wars. It is the stuff of the crooks who run the world.

This is why Donald Trump was doing a shout out to Congress in Trump Tax II, in more tax cuts. That is just a bait and switch as people are waking up to the reality that Trump Tax I gave them jack and shit, and Donald Trump knew this as he looted the Treasury for Jew Street and now he wants to con the base into thinking he really is for them in a tax cut for them. Yes, and as it is such a great idea, then why not have passed Kemp Reagan as this blog stated instead of that shit bill Gary Cohn engineered.

Making Lawrence Kudlow the face of the economic corpse of Gary Cohn's nation rape is not doing any favors to Conservatives or the Reagan legacy which Donald Trump is shattering along with the Republican Party.

Fair Trade as Ronald Reagan saw it was opening foreign markets up to American manufactured goods. Fair  Trade to the Trump Brand is allowing conglomerates to buy cheap ass shit, made by slave labor in the 3rd world and gouge it to Americans, except of course to steel and aluminum, as the DIA needs that for war which they are going to unleash for the nazi conglomerates to steal the resources of Russia just like they did Germany.

There is zero to celebrate in any of this, because Donald Trump deliberately put into place crooks, who are now leaving, and now the sucker bet comes in "loyalists" get put in, to con the base, and to take the blame as when people get upset, it will be Lawrence Kudlow's face who owns all of this.

Pennsylvania's spot election proved that Donald Trump has neutralized 20 points off the Republican party in Republican districts, and as Donald Trump runs to the left, democrats are veering to the right all be design.
For those still in Trump we trust, you will be receiving more examples for which you will be making excuses for Mr. President.

I am back to looking to Jesus to return as I have no place in any of this, even if this blog is the only source which is explaining what is the real situation. This is the face of National Socialism. It is what the Nazi system was and is, a fascist management and control of an economy and a people, building toward a war footing.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.