Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Rejection of Donald Trump by Pennsylvanians

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Republicans would do well to tell Donald Trump to stay the hell away from them, as the list of Trump betrayals from Obamacare to the sabotage of Judge Roy Moore, has culminated in a massive backlash against Mr. High Rise, on top of his latest gun grabber rhetoric.

10:30 PM ET: Pennsylvania Special Election Too Close to Call, Anti-Pelosi Moderate (Pro-Gun, Pro-Fracking, Pro-Life) Dem Leads 49.9% to 49.5% With 97% Reporting [Recount Automatically Triggered if Final Results Within 1/2 of One Percent]

See Trump won God, Guns and Family Pennsylvania by 20 points in this district, and just a year later, no one believes Donald  Trump any more.

President Donald Trump, who campaigned for Saccone on Saturday, won the district, which will not exist after this election, by nearly 20 points.

I have told you that Donald Trump is shattering the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan, to lead the Sodomite Socialists of a split democratic party as Webster Griffin Tarpley stated was the deep state agenda.

Think of it, Trump goes in and mouths off in this Republican district which should have secured a win, and instead this kid running there got his ass beat, because Trump has done nothing but sound like Obama in his 3rd term.

Donald Trump is going to get to show his inner democrat in implementing all of the policies Clinton and Bush would have, because Donald Trump deliberately destroyed Rick Saccone just like Trump destroyed Judge Roy Moore.

Republicans had better start organizing their base to try and survive 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, and to primary Donald Trump for Kevin Sorbo as President with Vice President Michele Bachmann.

It does not matter the final outcome, because the numbers are what are the issue, and Donald Trump has shattered the GOP numbers in a GOP district. This is a national catastrophe and was first reported on here.

Trump: ‘Not Much Political Support’ to Raise Gun-Buying Age to 21

Exactly why Mr. High Rise chose that issue to gut the GOP in coming elections.

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