Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bugger off 10 Downing

Today I rise to say the Queen is not amused in 10 Downing accuses
Russia of making tampons too little for women with large vaginal canals


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The British are a self deluded people who seem to think in their Islamic festooned debauchery in Rothschild global rapine and election meddling, that they actually matter. The worst of it is this crook Theresa May who should already be indicted and hung by the United States Courts for 2016 election meddling in America, has come out sounding like a right proper twat in accusing Russia for maybe, could be, possibly be associated with the executing a traitor on British soil .......again.

Have you ever noticed how all the damned scum of the earth ends up in London? Russians galore who betray Russia just seem to find London their home, because  MI6 is always pissing things up in Moscow, so Moscow kills off their traitors in London with radiation or chemical weapons.
That is all right and proper for Moscow as Russian traitors must learn that there is nowhere to hide and London must be taught what a bunch of right proper twats they are as no one cares what that criminal enterprise at 10 Downing is about.

So May threatens Russia. I am certain the Russians are still in their third round of laughing their asses off at this one. May has summoned the Russian ambassador for explanation. Another grande performance.

The British PM told the House of Commons that the former spy was poisoned with “military-grade nerve agent of the type developed by Russia”, according to world-leading experts at Porton Down, the government’s chemical weapons research centre.
However, instead of conclusively declaring that Russian President Vladimir Putin had authorized the attack, May said UK intelligence said there are two possibilities of the origin of this action: That the attack was ordered by the Russian state, or the Russian state lost control of these nerve agents, which were then utilized to attack Skripal.
"Russia has previously produced this agent, and the government has concluded that it is highly likely that Russia was responsible," May said.
She pointed out that the attack happened "against a backdrop of Russian state aggression" citing the annexation of Crimea and unrest in the Donbas region. May added that Russia has meddled in elections. "We will not tolerate such a brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians on our soil," May said.
May said the British government had summoned the Russian ambassador to the Foreign Office and has given him a  36 hour ultimatum to explain how state developed nerve agent used in Salisbury, or face “extensive measures”.

Russian Ambassador response Twatty May:

Madame Prime Minister, Russia denies any part in this and has zero knowledge of it. Perhaps you should check with Christopher Steele as this might be fake nerve gas, and fake intelligence, in a fake report, as Russia does not care.
Russia now informs you Madame Twatty May, that if Russia decides to exterminate any Russian traitor, Russia will  accomplish it any where and any time. If England cares to respond to Russia, England has a few dozen nuclear warheads and Russia has thousands to turn this island into a glass crater. Understand who you are dealing with in your charges, as Russia fully understands the insect she is dealing with in England.
Now go piss in some pigs mouth like David Cameron and the Queen can give you a garter to ejaculate on.

If I were Vladimir Putin, I would sail my Russian Fleet into the Irish Sea.

I would offer Scotland 1 billion dollars for a Russian Atlantic Sea Base for 10 years and in the agreement provide Scotland with  25 pence on the gallon natural gas.

I would offer the Welsh 1 billion dollars for all coal mining rights if they became independent of England.

I would  park Russian warships in the Sea of St. George's Channel and the English Channel and dare those faggots to to do something about it.

After the English meddled in the American elections and have now taken it upon themselves to detain American women for being Christians, it is time the United States look the other way and have Russia solve the English problem of the scourge they are upon all humanity in their corrupt regime which disarms Citizens and meddles in world power affairs.

Oh and one more thing...........Russia should join with China to remove England from the United Nations Security Council and replace England with with India.

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