Saturday, March 3, 2018

Thee American Bad Omen

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It would be interpreted in this omen, that the sign of  it is complete in a signature of life, in George Washington's Canadian Hemlock which he personally planted was shattered by a nor' easter. A tree which has been alive for the entire history of America was shattered.

The sign is interpreted that the United States is to be shattered from it's strength in leaving only a worthless stump, to rot off. As America falls, Canada will follow.

Severe winds brought down a 227-year-old tree planted by George Washington on his Mount Vernon estate on Friday.
The Canadian hemlock was planted by Washington, the founding father and first U.S. president, in 1791. Mount Vernon announced the tree's downing on its Facebook page Friday evening.
"Today at Mount Vernon, strong winds brought down a 227-year-old Canadian Hemlock, as well as a Virginia cedar that stood watch over Washington’s tomb for many years," the post said.

The estate said that the tree originally came to Mount Vernon in 1791 in a half whiskey barrel as a gift from then-New York Gov. George Clinton.

That which I wrote in the Trump time line for peace and prosperity is vanished and what follows is this omen. The Father of this Nation was attacked in his tomb in the very forces of nature have been unleashed.

It appears that most of you will live to see and die to experience the George Washington Prophecy.

I am still tracking this storm, but I did grab these live shots from March 2nd. Pay particular attention to the area of western New York and Pennsylvania.

You will notice in the motion that HAARP has created a blocking wall, a literal dam, to hold this storm in place and the shockwave of this flooded down like an atmospheric tsunami on Mount Vernon. These are the same energy wave barriers causing all of this weather. For two weeks storms have blow out from New York to the east, and suddenly one smashes back into New York from the opposite direction?

Do not expect this omen to change. Deliberate actions were initiated in 2017 and the consequences of the cause and effect will now operate like a falling tree with gravity. The blow will now come and that is what this omen is predicting.

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