Thursday, March 8, 2018

Trump Spelled with an C

I make a little C sign with my fingers to show Kim what I like...


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I finally get Donald Trump as he is so easy to understand now. See you remember Obama just loved bowing at the waist to foreigners and apologizing.
What has appeared with Donald Trump is he just has a fetish in being played by naughty Asian males. Donald Trump is a sort of Mongolcuck, as that forensic psychological manifestation has never been addressed by Jung nor Freud, this is all new and why everyone missed it.

See Dictator Xi played Donald Trump over North Korea, made a fool of Trump and Donald Trump was in tariff talks with Sweden, bringing up what a great guy Xi is. So this Chin skin makes a fool out of Trump and he likes it.
Patterns matter as now Donald Trump after having Kim Yo Un or whatever Kim Jong's sister's name is show up Ivanka in South Korea, is all set to share the chopsticks with Kim, as Donald Trump is the original Occidental Cuck.

Maybe Trump like Charlie Chan movies or maybe he liked the  Japanese on Gilligan's Island, but he sure does like being cucked in public by Orientals.

Trump invited to meet with Kim Jong Un; North Korea offers to suspend nuclear missile testing
Korea has invited President Donald Trump to meet their leader Kim Jong Un, according to a senior US official and a former US se…
Trump Agrees to Meet with Kim Jong Un, South Korean Official Says
President Donald Trump has agreed to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May for direct talks about the North's nuclear arms and …

So Pyongyang has offered to suspend missile testing, and for this Donald Trump is offering a face to face, a sort of Rodman Doctrine.
See there is a reason the United States has NEVER allowed a President to legitimize the dictator of North Korea as it legitimizes the inhumane mistreatment and criminal operations of North Korea. The one carrot America had was the never legitimizing North Korean dictators, and Donald Trump is about to over nothing.

See North Korea has a history of promising things, and then going back on their word. They danced with Maddy Albright, they sat down with forlorn Bill Clinton an grinning Jimmy Carter in ex Presidents, and next thing you know it is North Korea blackmailing more money for "ending nuclear bomb creation" and actually detonating H bombs.

Donald Trump meets with Kim, he gives Kim the legitimacy to now become leader of united Korea. Donald Tump meets with Kim and Kim will be launching missiles in 6 months to piss on Trump for not handing over more goodies before the 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, Congressional midterm elections.

Some might call Trump an idiot, along with his entire diplomatic, intelligence and military leadership, as this is the worst of Clinton, Obama and Bush. This is not Henry Kissinger. This is not Vernon Walters. This is the same failed policies of American ignorance and now Donal Trump as the Occidental Cuck.

So what have learned of Trump Doctrine? He huffs, he puffs and in the end the huffing and puffing is Donald bending over at the waist.
Donald Trump by sitting down with Kim Jong Un has elevated him to the superpower status of Vladimir Putin and Xi. Kim Jong Un is not a Putin or a Xi, and one does not sit down with an alley cat and make him out to be a tiger.

This is not the policy which America should ever be involved in or engaged in. Richard Nixon NEVER met with North Vietnamese communists. That was Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State.

Kim Jung Un is never going to give up nuclear weapons, as nuclear weapons are all he has to keep Xi, Putin or Trump from annexing North Korea and hanging him by the neck until dead. Failing to comprehend that negates any meeting an American President should ever have with the leader of North Korea.
Kim used chemical weapons to assassinate his half brother who was involved in a coup against him. Kim used a cannon to execute his uncle for challenging him. An American President does not sit down and legitimize that.

Donald Trump is the Occidental Cuck.

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