Thursday, March 8, 2018

Russia's First Strike Nuclear Weapons

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There has been something on my mind since posting the reality of Vladimir Putin's advanced phase nuclear weapons in hypersonic cruise an ICBM stealth and cobalt torpedoes, and it is that this is more than the checkmate which this has been postulated upon.

A low-flying low-visibility cruise missile armed with a nuclear warhead and possessing a practically unlimited range, unpredictable flight path and the capability to impregnate practically all interception lines is invulnerable to all existing and future anti-missile and air defense weapons.”

These are weapon's systems which are not in one dimensional thinking, of being fired one at a time, but these are multiple weapons which launch in packs. Imagine the above cruise missiles appearing at hypersonic velocities from a dozen different positions, flying at ground hugging altitudes, and if the Russians are clever, imagine if the flight routes are not all straight line, but that the routes fly over large urban centers to reach their target.
In other words, the missiles which get through are a disaster, but any missiles downed moving at this speed and with warheads, would obliterate urban simple terms, "Uncle Sam shoots down a nuke and it blows up a foreign capital, how does that work for US international relations?"

How plain, appropriate, elegant, and brilliant is that? Checkmate Rothschild minions and psychopath arms merchants.

Putin’s cryptic signal to Trump, the Clintons, the Rothschilds, and to the military industrialists was barefaced. “Even if you destroy us, our deadliest weapons will seek you all out indefinitely,” and this Putin showed once again, his genius and indomitability. Win or lose, the bad guys are going to die. Isn’t that beautiful and refreshing?

What has been on my mind is the old Star Trek episode of the Doomsday Machine, a machine so deadly and powerful, it was a dreadnought never meant to be used. You are still missing the point in this though as other contend these Russian weapons are a checkmate, as in the Lame Cherry analysis, these weapons are all first strike and kills strike of scorched earth. First strike weapons have the tendency to not spawn a new arms race, but for those who the missile is aimed at, their response is to unleash a first strike.

This is the point in Vladimir Putin's missiles. They move this forward as Russia protects herself, to the whispers in America and NATO to implement ways to draw out Russia for an internal collapse of a coup or an external humiliation which would bring about a coup.
In logic, there are Pentagon war games factoring in a kill shot on Russia of the leadership, military and civilian, and a way to neutralize the doomsday switch against automatic launch. This would require as the fail safe a commando force to take possession of and neutralize the Russian arsenal to pull the bear's fangs and claws.

Russia has been leveraged since the revolution, and being pushed, she has now developed for her survival weapons to defeat the American deployed sea based missile defense, which has been viewed by Russia a real threat. Logic would dictate that Russia has been tracking the US naval ships and in the event of a Russian triggered response, would eliminate firing lanes in this missile defense and Russia would launch through these corridors.

Russia's new superior weapons are first strike weapons and that is the reality which no one is addressing, because first strike weapons initiate a first strike in response. That is not a checkmate. This is a reason for the nuke hawks in Dr. Strangetrump to initiate first strike activation.

Gen. John Hyten of STRATCOM, the branch of the US military in control of nuclear forces, told the Seante Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that the US has no good defense against Russia's latest cruise missile.
"We have no defense for it, especially in defense of our European allies," said Hyten, according to AFP. "That system can range and threaten most of the continent of Europe depending on where it is deployed. ... It is a concern and we're going to have to figure out how to deal with it as a nation."
But the US hasn't simply been surpassed by superior Russian missile technology. The Russian missiles in question violate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), one of the most successful disarmament treaties of all time.

It is at this point that the Lame Cherry reminds all of the deliberately sabotaged Russian American relations, which this blog by God's Grace placed Donald Trump into the White House, for the protection of Christians East and West, and now we have a reality of nuclear crispy Christians, so the feudal few can eliminate the world powers to rule the world in their immortal natures.

This is what this blog has warned of in why it by God's Grace constructed a time line to place Donald Trump into the White House. He though has been an absolute disappointment in implementing the Obama Clinton Bush policies for the next world war.


As a closing reality of this weapon, it moves so fast that it is 6 times the speed of sound. Sound travels at 770 mph, so this missile is moving at 4620 mph. With a 100 pound titanium air rifle type pellet, one is dealing with 50,000 foot pounds of energy. At these speeds, solid object's "liquify", as in ships and buildings, which would in turn explode the humans inside these objects to paint the walls with their marrow. Think of yourself as John Kennedy's brain on Dallas.
This is a conventional first strike decapitation weapon for the political, military, intelligence and cartel rule of the West.

Those designed this war and led America to this war now have it. This is first strike theater. This is an absolute failure of American political, military and intelligence leadership to not have information on these systems. No one has brought that reality to the discussion either.

Enjoy your future and enjoy your cleverness in distracting me with all of your games. Expensive lesson to learn on your part.

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