Monday, March 19, 2018

When American Pretend Creates American Monsters

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It seems the washed up career of Jim Carey has sunk to new dimensions as the  wrongful death of a woman he was having sex with is not as low as Carey can go, as Carey has been "painting" with an obsession it appears, in making derogatory facsimiles of White House Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and now fronting a common theme which John Brennan and Kurt Eichenwald have stooped to in comments focused on Christofascists and damning Christians because they do not join in the stoning of Donald Trump.

This is the artwork which Jim Carey posted concerning Mrs. Sanders.

 Understand in forensic psychology what Carey just did. From his place on the Mount, he has judged Donald Trump wicked. This is most interesting as Erick Erickson calls Trump "Cheeto Jesus" in another derogatory slur, Kurt Eichenwald retweets those hate posts, and now  a Christian woman is a "monster" as subhuman, and in Nazism the next step would be to exterminate that subhumans of the mud people doctrine.

Mrs. Sanders father weighed in correctly with this comment.

What interests this forensic examination is thee amount of time and work that Carey invested in this hate work. It reminds one of Sean Penn, making an Ann Coulter doll, and then putting his cigarette out in her vagina to burn her there in retaliation.
Carey has invested hours if not days in this hate and it is only festering a worse mania inside of him, as you do remember he was stoking the North Korean nuclear attack on Hawaii, for political leverage not long ago.

It is not Mrs. Sanders alone that is the fixation of Jim Carey in this obsession, as Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin, with again degrading humans as "flying monkeys" subhumans to be dealt with which is a theme of Carey's hate work.

This is unhinged in linking the Wicked Witch of the West to Donald Trump who was a woman, makes zero gender sense, but again, this hate work just does not happen in moments. Carey is unleashing a great deal of emotional time in this, his troubled soul.
What is fascinating in this are the "You may also like", in one wonders what Tom Hanks, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen the lezbo, Oprah the lezbo and Leonardo the man whore, would have to say in Twitter linking them to this insanity and hatred of women.

In glancing at Carey's site, to get background for this article, I came across something stunning in the racism of Jim Carey and the reality is, Jim Carey has placed this as his headline photo as cover for how superior he is to all others, as he wants to put Martin King on Mount Rushmore.
Never mind that Rushmore was for Presidents and not un elected civilians, but ask yourself why is Carey not promoting Barack Hussein Obama for Mount Rushmore? The answer is Obama let Carey down and Carey is returning to "his black roots" of what a Black man should be.

I looked at the artwork that Carey may have created, but look at Dr. King closely and see if you notice how Jim Carey sees Martin King. It should be evident below that Jim Carey sees Dr. King as a butt lips nigger, and not the portrait which Martin King preferred in not making him have the stereotypical botox butt lips.

In that, what is the forensic psychology of Jim Carey that he sees Blacks as large browed, big nosed, nigger lipped fat faced darkies. This is what Jim Carey chose to place as the reflection of his superiority and the shield to attack Christians.
In Jim Carey, the portrait is racism in the worst form in how he sees others, and Christian women as monsters to be dealt with as the Nazi did the Jew. You will notice in whether it is Christian Dr. King, Sarah Sanders or the flying monkeys of Trump and Putin, that all people are viewed as subhuman from Jim Carey's psychological manifestations in art.

Jim Carey appears to be having a mental breakdown in not being able to deal with modern reality, as he in real time is hiding behind a mountain man recluse beard or has chosen a 1920's Pee Wee Herman type of silent cinema of a simpler time of black face paint, where women knew their places and the fantasy of the yellow brick road would always bring you home.
And once again these photos just are not taken in the backyard, but require hours of makeup to create and shoot. That is an obsession and a distancing from a reality which the person can no longer deal with.


Troubling is what that is, and troubling are the people who hate Donald Trump and Christians who were lining up on Carey's Twitter page to defend the indefensible. America has numbers of broken souls in the idle rich and they are attracting myriads of other broken souls which being Christless has made their existence hollow and empty.

Of all the people in the Trump sphere to attack in a woman, and make her ugly, a monster, a subhuman, simply because she is rising to the occasion in putting Jim Acosta and other harpies of the left in place, sends another message of that era which Carey longs for in where women knew their places, just like Blacks.

There is a troubling undertone in all of this, in the verbiage is focused on judging Christians and persecuting them. This group is getting away with this, and they are hearing it from somewhere in their private circles and it is building in the violation of American Rights.

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