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When HAARP Targets Canada with American Fallout

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This is a continuation in the study of HAARP weather modification as it connects to a nuclear attack upon the American mainland, in the use of HAARP generated weather systems to produce hot zone fall out over certain expendable areas to protect the majority of the United States.
There apparently is a medical containment of scorched earth in it being expedient to lose the populations of all or part of six states, then to spread this out over 30 states disrupting the medical treatment structure and run the risk of a Chicago becoming a hot zone, as Chicago has a population larger than North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Western Minnesota combined.

I will walk you through the progression of this hot snow storm beginning on March 2nd. I have been observing the long range forecasts and this predicted storm on location was in the forecast almost 2 weeks ago.
There is zero possibility that NOAH can predict weather like this, this far out, so it is being generated.

Notice on March 2nd, that South Dakota is zero humidity as are most of the Northern Great Plans.  There are weather blobs moving northeast out of the Rockies into Montana.
Note though over Minnesota that there is a blocking line appearing like a rift.

On the east coast the nor'easter is being blocked from coming inland by a weather in western New York.

March 2

March 3rd shows the same pattern, with a huge amount of atmospheric humidity in the southern Mississippi Valley. Nothing over the Dakotas though, and the same Rocky mountain blob is holding in place.

March 3

March 4th signaled the blizzard over the Northern Great Plains was 'coming'. The only weather noted is in Montana, as the Rocky blob of moisture vanished and appeared in central Montana. I thought that this must be the source of the storm and then I observed something outstanding throughout the day.

March 4

By the afternoon a ridge of weather had appeared on the Canadian line. Remember in the last two major storms the peculiar track of the storms had a barrier where they would not cross the 48th parallel. As this is impossible, it revealed that HAARP at that time was testing the ability to keep weather out of Canada.

This is the 10 o'clock view of the 4th. Note that some weather is generating out of Texas, but it is moving into Louisiana. The weather on the Canadian border this time though is lifting into Canada. Again zero humidity over South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa.
The Canadian front at this time has some back rotation to it, but this hints that there is something in the upper atmosphere creating a bubble to push this front into Canada. As you look at the last gif though, remember the Canadian front is gone 12 hours later, and observe what has taken place in what generated, and moved 1200 miles in just a few hours.

This is March 5 in the morning. Out of nowhere, without moisture on the evening of the 4th an immense storm appears over South Dakota, parts of Nebraska, North Dakota and Minnesota.
Also note the Texas weather has moved 700 miles east, as you are witnessing an immense displacement.

Literally in the jagged edges of these storms, what appeared over South Dakota was ripped out of Texas, hence thee two storm systems.
In the last storm, HAARP did exactly this but it tore a chunk out of a southwest northwest air flow and move it 400 miles over Minnesota, leaving the same gap in the weather systems.

March 5

To put this into real practice of what this never before witnessed system would accomplish. Take as a working example, that in the rhetoric coming out of Washington, equal to Franklin Roosevelt's anti Japanese and German rhetoric which started world war, that China, Russia, North Korea, were to attack the US missile and SAC bases over Wyoming and North Dakota.  This weather blob would push in a massive moisture fall out the radioactivity on the original nuclear fields. The kicker this time is this weather modification is pushing radioactivity into Manitoba and Ontario. Sort of putting that fag Trudeau in the Ottawa hotseat courtesy of HAARP.

The main HAARP defense is centered on the Minuteman fields, as it must be in war game protocols that the B2 base in Missouri and the Texas SAC base which are both nuclear will not receive the huge volley the Wyoming and North Dakota regions will, as this is the continuous focus of this modification in what has appeared in two trial patterns in the southwest to northeast weather streams, and now these energy blobs.

These events prove that HAARP can block with radioactive lines for days over 150 mile wide corridors, prove that HAARP can tear out a three state piece of atmosphere and move it 400 to 1500 miles in 12 hours. These patterns indicate that HAARP can generate systems within an acceptable time frame in creating weather.

There are a patterns emerging though in this, and there do appear to be coordinated weather pulses generated, as this one had a nor'easter blocking over New York, and then this blizzard bomb erupted over South Dakota. This is as of note as FOX was predicting this 8 hours on national news updates before anything had even appeared.
There is the signature weather blob over Washington state on the coast. This disappeared every time a San Francisco blob appears in a weather stream, and reappears when the California blob disappears.

Notice in this last capture in how it is as if this is bread dough, and two hands are tearing it apart, right over Minnesota. The left is meeting a wall over the North Dakota missile bases. The atmosphere is elastic like gluten and it is being pulled apart by these HAARP forces.

The storms over Mississippi and Alabama literally disappeared for  Illinois. This is massive energy transfer.

March 5 PM


In analysis to explain this, this is the theory of how HAARP is generating these blizzard bombs out of nothing. It appears that a moisture jet usually over San Francisco feeds like a hose to the upper atmosphere over the Great Plains, there appears on this a wave of Texas moisture which builds as a sort of tide out of the Gulf.
Into the central Great Plains there is a vacuum created.
Now this is how it appears the primer in this, as I have reports that strong thunder was heard over South Dakota for over an hour last night around midnight. No rain accompanied this, but this was on the heals of 40 mph winds for 12 hours out of the southeast. Think of this as a steam kettle, in what is heated up rises quickly, creates a vacuum and moisture is sucked into it. This is how they are tearing the blob of moisture out of the Texas stream.
With the heat gone, the moisture from Texas enters at upper atmosphere and in falling creates the cold air. Previous snows were dry like this dry lightning, in no moisture in the fields. This appears to be the working theory in how they are creating radioactive lines and hot zones, in preparation for a nuclear attack.

We have now witnessed blocking lines and fall out blobs. This thing over South Dakota is supposed to pound that region for 48 hours, which is impossible. In predicting past movements, it is assessed that once this blizzard bomb moves out of the Dakotas and gets over top of Minneapolis it will by magic move 400 miles to Illinois in a few hours and be over New York 1500 miles away in a few hours after that.

I call it my Weather Nethers

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