Wednesday, March 28, 2018

When Jim Carey threatens the children of Donald Trump with Murder

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When one is a liberal threatening the life of the President's children, it would be at least necessary to have a modicum of accuracy when it comes to death  by wildlife as it exposes  the assassin to the world of how absolutely ignorant and asstard they are.

For example in the Jim Carey murder of Don and Eric Trump by tusk, Carey exposes himself to ridicule in this as if he placed Don and Eric inside the backseat of a car, when they had been run over by the car.

Peter Hathaway Capstick, the Professional Hunter teaches us that African elephants are quite methodical in murdering people in they simply do not 'tusk' or gore them as they are not bulls in Spain, but African wildlife.

In a typical attack the elephant charges and might gore the victim AFTER first knocking them down. The preferred method though of elephants is to use their trunk. Elephants accomplished at killing people, soon learn to grab a leg to then beat them against the ground or a tree, as arms tear off in the process.
Once the victim is tenderized, the elephant kneels and kneads the corpse into the soil with the tusks. Humans are like a martini in being stirred by the tusks after shaken by the trunk.
Elephants are thorough though in adding a final front foot stomping with with the feet. That is where the African joke appears in the black stuff between an elephant's front toes is of course Negroid Africans.

Jim Carey as all things in life, except killing ex girlfriends, fails in his threats against the Trump children.

I realize that those like Michael Savage and Don Sr. have this illusion about elephants as they are not having these beasts in their streets or golf courses, but in reality, African hate the things for they are dangerous and they destroy everything they touch.

Elephants Attack as Humans Turn Up the Pressure

Some 500 people are killed by elephants each year—and attacks are increasing as humans push the animals into smaller spaces.

It is obvious that Jim Carey keeps escalating his attacks, as he really wants someone to notice him, as he craves attention. That is why this has graduated to the acceptable death by tusk, but it only exposes Carey as a completely incompetent an ignorant fool. That of course does not excuse murderous intent by Jim Carey.

In that, Donald Trump has been nattering about mental tests for guns and building a national network of asylums, in that I would hope the President would direct the Secret Service to kindly visit Jim Carey, and for his protection take him into custody, and have him admitted for perpetual care at one of these asylums, while the Carey fortune was confiscated for administrative uses.

Jim Carey is obsessed with Donald Trump. That is a psychosis. Jim Carey is suffering from delusions which are  focused upon his obsession for attention. On these self destructive conditions in which he is fantasizing about the murder of the children of his obsession, and the only diagnosis is treatment of this mentally unbalanced individual before his mental state degrades to literal violence.

Jim Carey must be institutionalized for his own safety.

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