Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Faking It

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reverse speech of David John Oates on the Rense Program of Monday March 26th is one of thee most critical pieces of evidence as this quote is what opens the door to all of this March on Washington being manufactured and allowed to happen in Nikola Cruz being framed, the Las Vegas Massacre being a known event by the  FBI as Mike Cernovich as stated in connection with Omar Mateen, as was the Sodomite nightclub shooting in Florida, and the saga of Mark David Anthony in the Austin Bomber profile did not fit the bombings.
It is the Harris reversal of WE ARE FAKING A BOMBER, when she is in forward speech listing her credentials as Attorney General of California, which points to only one of two possibilities.

These are the latest reversals from David John Oates on the Rense program,. Nothing important except one from Kamala Harris who says in reversals WE ARE FAKING A BOMBER.

Now is this the Texas kid who appears to have been framed in this Conditt, or is it the new DC bombing packages appearing? Kamala Harris as a democratic presidential candidate KNOWS SOMETHING that there was a fake bomber somewhere in this, meaning this is deep state generated.

Senator Kamala Harris

I've gone after criminals - We're faking a bomber

There are now only two possibilities in this in what Kamala Harris was stating in WE'RE FAKING A BOMBER. The first is that David Anthony Conditt was framed and executed as in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Question of MAC: Mark Anthony Conditt

Or it might be Trahn Cong Phan, who was a Vietnamese arrested for planting bombs on military bases in the DC area.

Person Arrested in Connection to Suspicious Packages Found at DC-Area Military Bases

So who was  the Black Hillary Clinton speaking of in knowing that her group was creating a Fake Bomber?

What would be the purpose of creating a Fake Bomber?
And as Kamala Harris knows of this Fake Bomber, this leads to the conclusion that her group in Eric Holder who manufactured Treyvon Martin, the Boston Beer Drinking, the Ferguson Giant, the Wisconsin Wilding, along with the Branch Davidians, the Oklahoma Bombing and Ruby Ridge, is part of such a deep state secret society group who has shown executable actions, including  the murder of LaVoy Finicum under the host of John Brennan,  Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, Jame Comey, Andrew McCabe, and image Obama and the wife, does indeed give credence that a group of powerful, connected, wealthy oligarchs have been manufacturing terrorism for gun control and to install their political candidates.

Last week, a 51-year old man drove a flaming minivan filled with propane tanks and gasoline onto Travis Air Force base located an hour outside San Francisco. He was identified as Hafiz Kazi.

Just what bomber in so many was California presidential candidate Kamala Harris speaking of in Reverse Speech? The issue in this too is David John Oates was not going to air that recording, but Jeff Rense urged Oates to do so, even though there appeared to be an anomaly in it at the beginning.
Even though Mr. Oates is the expert of years experience, there are still questions if a stutter could have occurred or perhaps Harris was actually voicing part of the bomber's name in a mind hiccup.

At this point, we are going to link up the hypothetical with Mike Cernovich stating that the cover up in Las Vegas is due to the fact that Stephen Paddock was a government informant. Which of course means that the FBI knew a terror event was taking place and it once again like 9 11 got out of control from them, and Jamie Gorelick on  9 11 had to initiate a cover up.

In inquiring of the matrix in this Paddock incident, the information which appeared from flash reading, a form of remote viewing, pointed to Iran was behind the Las Vegas event and contracted the actual attack out to Latino Narco Marxists.
This event is the one where President Trump stated in Reverse Speech again discovered by David John Oates that this was the start of world war. Since that time John Bolton has been chosen to replace Herbert McMaster at NSA where Bolton specializes  in Venezuelan communists and Iranian Islamocommunist terrorism. There is a definitive reaction from the President in targeting two nations now which inquiry pointed a link to in the Las Vegas incident.

In theory before Mark Anthony Conditt appeared as the Austin bomber, it was theorized by forensic psychological examination of the activities in Austin, that what was taking place did not point to the typical OWM, ostracized white male.

Lame Cherry: Not Colonel Austin's Texas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. This is prefaced in these are observations on published information and I am not a Mike Cernovich ...

Mike Cernovich was declaring first that this was a serial bomber, so again in inquiry of the matrix to assess the information flow of the time line, a flash read came out which pointed to a female was the individual behind this.

I preface this again, as I have no information on this, only what is available to the public in internet searches. The following though was posted in speculation on March 20th.

Egyptian woman / legal immigrant HW Bush / 51 years old / born in Greece / Parents in business / college teacher / mathematics / not an American / American educated.
There are traffic related connection. Followed them home.
Familiar with Caucasian neighborhood, had visited there.
Non practicing lesbian. Pet bird.

The reason I trusted the above flash read in remote sensing is I was having difficulty in locking in on the place of origin, as a location would not lock, but I thought Muslim in the Mideast, but then (this is like an electric pulse in the pineal gland area) spiked to ask Africa, and that is when Egypt appeared to lock into the location. I was not looking for Egypt, but the other nations in the Mideast. It is spikes as those in flash reading which have proven the readings are genuine as they override my bias.

Now in hypothetical as in Las Vegas with Stephen Paddock, what if there was a connected Egyptian woman, who went ISIS in administering her own justice. What if that connection linked too close as in Stephen Paddock in someone was aware of this individual.
As  this heated up, it was almost as if an operation was initiated to protect the woman behind this, in other words to protect the important people she was connected to, and a kid appeared, with a magical cell phone that did not blow up in a bomb going off, but recorded for 25 minutes as the cops were closing in a list of all the bombs, which of course would get him executed in Texas, as the cops shot him after he was dead to make sure he was dead.

That FedEx video looked like an Alt Right spoof in comedian Sam Hyde, in that person of interest which opened all doors pointing to Conditt, does not even appear to match the same body type as Conditt.

Now ask the question with the above hypothetical, wed to David John Oates Reverse Speech, the known history of this group pushing Kamala Harris as the Black Hillary Clinton for 2018 AD in the year of our Lord and the Mike Cernovich posts which point to the police state knowing a bit much more than they are revealing, does not WE'RE FAKING A BOMBER, appear more of a deep state secret society operation to protect themselves in creating another patsy in a long list of patsies?

Remember how this all unfolds. Whenever there is police state connection, the stories fade as in Las Vegas and what appears to be Austin Texas. In the March on Washington, there was already a Michael Bloomberg vested interest in dismantling the NRA for the 2018 elections so the framing of Nikolas Cruz was allowed as an event or events were needed to progress gun grabbing, but notice in this that Nikolas Cruz has disappeared too and only the propaganda remains.

WE'RE FAKING A BOMBER. What does Kamala Harris know in this, in who told her this, as the WE'RE indicates it is her political group which has a history of creating all sorts of interesting patsies, including Tim McVeigh who was provided bomb making materials from an FBI mole.

Was the creation of this fake, Conditt, was it Phan, or is it some event yet to appear, in some ignorant bastard has been chosen to be a pavement grease spot, as his family issues an apology and damns their son again in the press to save themselves.

In closing this hypothetical examination out, it must be known that all of these operations have in them clues which point to it being fake. It is built on the  fine CIA work in Mockingbird in covering up who really assassinated John Kennedy in Dallas as the "conspiracy theory" has been invested in heavily in this world to create a narrative of kooks who do not believe the official story, and the official story is designed to sow mistrust into the public to not trust their regime, so there is always an unsettled nature all across society.

David John Oates in the past has found all sorts of out of place tidbits which in time do reveal clues that his reversals are discovering a hidden conversation. Harris is pushing gun control so is hip deep involved in this 2018 and 2020 political roulette, so her reversal would indicate she heard something and knows a detail which was pressing on her conscience, as the big girl was bragging about her record enforcing the law, and her little girl inside was confessing that the group she is with was faking a bomber.

Faking is not making. If she had said MAKING, it could have been a distraught nation making psychotic children. FAKING is a definite in the powerful people that Kamala Harris is associated with have in passing conversation revealed to her, that someone was set up as a bomber in a cover up to protect themselves.

Now we await something else in Mike Cernovich and David John Oates revelations to progress this to new revelations.