Saturday, April 21, 2018

Advice for the Trump at Heart

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For once, President Donald Trump requires zero advice as his bringing in Rudy Giuliani to his legal defense team, already having a good foundation of Jay Sekulo and Ty Cobb, is thee exact measure to put an end to Robert Mueller's witch hunt. I would have preferred Mr. Trump being allowed to answer in  writing his answers to Robert Mueller's trick questions which ensnared other innocents, but I believe that Rudy Giuliani has thee ability in being a bigger heavyweight than Robert Mueller and whatever else he has dragged in from the Clinton and Obama orb of out of control prosecutorial thugs.

It will come down to the two additions of Martin and Jane Raskin, two former federal prosecutors who are now in private practice in Florida defending clients against the very Mueller entrapment tactics which will protect the President.
Donald Trump is very adept in court proceedings as he has proven, but what Mueller's thugs engage in is entrapment and in this Mr. President MUST sit quietly without one word as he is being questioned by Mueller's entrapment team, and the following must take place.

The President sits behind his desk. His five attorneys are sitting beside him, and on completion of the question, Mr. Trump will speak to his attorneys by typing his answer to them. They will then confer and type the appropriate legal response which Mr. Trump will read verbatim without one word added or a joke.

This is the only acceptable response which will be acceptable. Robert Mueller has the entire Justice Department and over 250 years in experience in his team. No one is a match for this and Michael Flynn has been proof of that as have others who were framed. The President must listen, consult his entire legal team, and then have them respond with the appropriate legal answer.

This questioning also is not video recorded, but only audio recorded with Mr. Trump's legal team turning off the mic during consultations as this is privileged and nothing will then be picked up to be leaked, and the mic only turned back on when Mr. President reads the legal response.

In addition the legal team must at every turn inquire of Mueller's team where this line of questioning is going. There can not be any avenue for Mueller to lead the President into the position of being framed.

Rudy Giuliani is perfect to lead this inquiry and the Raskins are the best. Literally for the first time Donald Trump has a legal team of five heavyweights who outclass Mueller and his cohorts.

This will require a lengthy process and hours to respond slowly and methodically to what Mueller is engaged in. There is zero information on any Trump Russian collusion, and yet Mr. Mueller has swerved off course to "obstruction of justice" and rifling through personal financial issues of all the parties to "get something on them". All the placating of Rod Rosenstein, James Comey and Robert Mueller of the President is not a target can be uttered, but that is exactly who the target is, as Dick Cheney was the target in Plamegate.

On the advice of my counsel I can not properly respond to this question without further information from you as to the line of this questioning as it does not have to do with Russian collusion..........

As this event took place years ago, I can not confirm nor deny the full scope of this, but to the best of my recollection, I only acted legally and properly....

This case for the good of the nation must be shut down and that is why Rudy Giuliani is involved in this as what Robert Mueller is angling for now is to "file a report" which he hopes will be use by democrats to push forward an impeachment issue on the "word of Robert Mueller" who discovers all sorts of ways to cover up crimes of his cronies as in James Comey, but finds all sorts of crimes in the innocents just living their lives.

Mr. Trump's personal attorney in Michael Cohen is a perfect example. Cohen has stated he was not in Prague, yet Mueller came out again with a leak that he had information that Cohen was in Prague,  a charge which Cohen again flat out denied. It is a reality that Robert Mueller's evidence and sources are either forgeries or frauds, and in this the former head of the FBI is incapable of discerning with his team that he has fake evidence.

This though must be the way Mr. Trump handles this inquiry. He can whisper to his attorneys his answer, have them type up the correct legal response which is then read word for word by the President, with full protection for his attorneys and his person, that there will not be FBI raids seizing their laptops later as "evidence" in another Mueller overreach. The President must be protected and that means his legal team conducts the response and Mr. President reads only that response with zero shortcuts in nothing is uttered by the President unless his attorneys consult first and type the response.

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