Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Reapers of Operation Neptune Hawk

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry provides for you several quotes of events which have been taking place over your heads in the Pentagon has been flying America's nuclear air fleet, in an operation called Neptune Hawk, and so you discern this, it does little good to fly nuclear bombs across America, unless of course they have nuclear bombs in them.

This is Sec. Mattis and President Donald John who are sending a message to Peking, Pyongyang, Moscow and Tehran, again in Dotty Donald acting off balance.
For a historical record, President Reagan deployed convoys of B 52's flying in fighter formations across America to be picked up by satellite and Soviet ground spies. The same purpose of this was engaged as this operation featured Minneapolis and New York City, two communist havens where the Muslims, Chicoms and Russians would have a direct link for on the ground reports from their agents.

In the following the B 2's were spotted over the Twin Cities, moving southwest. The B 2's are based in Missouri, so they had quite a trip to arrive north of Minneapolis.

Around the same time, spotters in Minneapolis-St. Paul looked up to see a quartet of B-2 bombers barreling their way towards the southwest, their contrails streaking across the sky. It seems that two other groups of B-2s, another four-ship formation and a two-ship formation, followed shortly after.

Next up we are informed that air to air refueling tankers were concentrated in Washington and Arizona.

The War Zone was pointed to the fact that large concentrations of KC-135 tankers have been amassed at Moses Lake in Washington State, as well as in Phoenix

Lastly, we are told exactly where the B 2's were deployed and their flight paths. If you need an explanation for this, these areas will be nuked by Peking or Moscow in a first strike.

It's official, according to NOTAMs the exercise is indeed Neptune Falcon or a variation of that exercise. The B-2s, going by callsign 'Reaper,' are still up along with the tankers. An elongated rectangle block of airspace over the northern U.S., running roughly from Great Falls, Montana to just past Minot AFB in North Dakota, has been set aside. Another block of airspace reserved for the exercise sits northwest of the Nevada Test and Training Range

So in all of this what the Russians and Chicoms were taught is that they should nuke Arizona and Washington as the refueling tankers are deployed from there, and that a staging area is over the Twin Cities, and that the jump off point is Montana, North Dakota and Nevada.
Of course the Pentagon desires this information to be part of the process of targeting. Granted with thousands of nuclear warheads for America, the continent will be saturated, but it is always nice to know specifically what areas the Pentagon will sacrifice.

Nellis Air Force Base has now confirmed that this flurry of aerial activity was indeed related to Neptune Falcon, as well as another exercise called Neptune Hawk, both of which began on April 16 and are set to wrap up on May 5, 2018.

There has been a great deal of telegraphing from the United States to Moscow and Peking for the past months, including thee most bizarre use of HAARP in creating weather patterns which are absolutely insane. I provide you two examples of what I term GEYSER STORMS. Masses of energy are pumped north and hit a blocking front and spill out east and west in fire hydrant plume.

APRIL 15th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord

APRIL 20th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

Weather does not behave this way. HAARP has been practicing blocking fronts and immense moisture drops on hitting an anvil front. America is not going to share any nuclear fall out with Canada. That points to the elite are going to rule from Canada as America glows nuclear fallout.

As this blog is the only source examining the HAARP weather bombs as a means of dealing with nuclear fall out, it is a mystery why that is. There is also a mystery in this in it is WARMER on the Canadian border than several hundred miles south by 5 degrees. The north winds are warm and the south winds are cold. HAARP is generating heat in the north and the cold is being displaced south.
There was an immense northern lights display over northern Minnesota on the morning of April 20th, with no reported solar activity. The question in this, was this part of the HAARP activity as this display was immense and localized.

So you have nuclear bombs and bombers flying over your heads, and the Pentagon is listing expendable areas as Mr. President and the junta are sending messages in exercises for nuclear war as the stakes continue to rise.

Be pleased that the fringe net is being allowed to report this so it is reported on several sources to make an impression on Moscow and Peking.