Thursday, April 19, 2018

Andrew McCabe is Innocent: RETURN OF THE CLONE SNATCHERS!!!

What do you mean Senator that you saw me coming
when I was going?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry believes it has come upon the answers and conclusion in the Russian Dossier which is both plausible and thee only explanation left as Andrew McCabe states that both the Inspector General and James Comey are lying about his being a leaker.

Neither Mr. Comey nor the OIG is infallible, and in this case neither of them has it right,” McCabe’s lawyer said Wednesday.

Not to besmirch a college educated professional attorney nor Mr. McCabe for hiring him, but should it not be ARE and not IS in Neither Mr. Comey nor the OIG are infallible..............

Perhaps that thing goes on in DC courts in liberal Judges like it when attorneys address them with:

Your Honor, my client are innocent and pleads with there court an innocent by reason of impersonation......

Sorry got to the punchline in this, but the Lame Cherry demands from Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he appoint a THIRD SPECIAL COUNSEL to investigate the impersonation of Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rod  Rosenstein and James Comey, as it is obvious these honest people are not lying, but that someone, like a clone or a shapeshifter is impersonating them.

This is based on the mystery of Birther Hussein, who is not the same guy from 2008. His hands have changed from the beginning, his ears are different his mole on his nose disappears, his head shape changes and he is still prancing around when after all of this, including a personality shift after June 2013 which pointed to Birther went to that great chicken entree cold storage below Penn Avenue, that someone replaced Barack Hussein Obama.

With that fact proven, it seems logical now that there are numbers of these shapeshifters impersonating all of these criminals.

I move that the 3rdSP, immediately subpoenas all the spouses and sexual partners of  the above and start asking them the bedroom questions like, "Have you noticed that they actually got better in bed?"

These questions would reveal so very much for Andrew McCabe's innocence.


Well yes Andrew liked me calling him Andy
when his penis started getting bigger, but I thought
it was from my using lubriderm

"Mrs. McCabe, when did you first notice that your husband's penis seemed to be filling you completely?"

"Mrs. McCabe, Jill,  did you not think it was odd when your husband told you that it was due to the Wiley Coyote ACME Industries penis enhancer pump and expander when no such charges appeared on your credit card?"

"Jill, did you not think it odd that your husband actually mentioned how tight you were after two children and assorted dildos the size of elephant tusks?"

"Jill, did you not find it odd that your husband had immense stamina in returning after he just left for work, and making love for hours, then finding you for a nooner and an afternooner at the hospital, and then acting like he had no idea what you were talking about in all that sex after you brought it up?"

 Why always blame me, why not blame the clams?

Yes the tightness of a woman and the size of a man, can not be easily duplicated and when we find a pattern in that, Andrew McCabe, like James Comey, like the IG, like Peter Strzok, like Lisa Page all had spouses noticing how strange their spouses were acting and feeling as it was like they were a completely different person.

This can be the only reasonable explanation, as Andrew McCabe did tell the clone James Comey everything about leaking, but the real James Comey was out for a hot but or tub lunch with Robert Mueller, so the real James Comey, knew nothing about the meeting and the details, and is the one who ordered the investigation into Andrew McCabe.

Andrew McCabe obviously was out examining Hillary Clinton evidence when his clone was  up on Capitol Hill lying to Congress. The real McCabe was enforcing the law, while the clone McCabe was breaking the law in a devious deep state plan to destroy these wonderfully dedicated and honest people.

Who could be behind such a sinister plan?

There seems to be only one person who keeps calling attention to himself and would have the assets, having already utilized them with Obama went chicken entree in 2013 AD in the year  of our Lord and that would be John Brennan.

Yes he looks like a  007 Ian Flemming mastermind villain of this evil plan. And that James Clapper looks like a Mini Me henchman if one ever came down the pike.

 Senator that would be on a need to clone basis.

Yes who has been guiding this but John Brennan, but was Brennan a fall guy for the real culprit in Theresa May, whose MI6 labs at Tavistock, took secret German medical advancements and they are the ones behind all of these evil clones being flown in on diplomatic flights as Mr. X, Y, Z, W and Miss Pussy, who were unleashed on Washington DC in a plan to undo the failings of King George in the reannexation of America as a fitting legacy of Queen Elizabeth for Charles.

Remember what Sherlock Holmes told us, in eliminate the improbable and what remains, no matter who impossible is the answer. The answer has to be that clones are manifesting and impersonating all of these honest people, as they assure us they are holier than Jesus a  can never tell a lie.  So what remains are the clones.

The SC3 will of course including the sexual examinations of the spouses of these victims, will have court ordered CAT scans of all of the above, to search for comparisons to root out these imposters, and yes, discover what kind of brainwashing the victims have undergone in their not noticing there were two of them......or perhaps under questioning Lisa Page will  remember......


We always get the blame for humans seeing things

I was just adjusting my tampon in the bathroom after my shower when I looked up in the mirror and noticed how centerfold sexy I was looking, and then I remembered, "I DON'T HAVE A MIRROR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BATHROOM THAT IS 3D!!!!
Startled, I blinked, rubbed my eyes, somehow the light went off with a click and when I turned it back on, there was no one there but me, and the wet footprints facing me. I shook my head and thought maybe I was suffering from some kind of toxic shock seafood reaction as Peter had eaten shellfish the night before and I thought perhaps it was a semen seafood exposure....but now I think it was really a clone who was impersonating me, as I could never lie or commit adultery......."

With that crucial insight, the Lame Cherry has laid the case out for a 3rd Special Counsel and for an investigation based on Andrew McCabe's word that he did not lie and everyone else is a liar, while they all say they are telling the truth and everyone else is lying. That leaves only the clones.


It's Andrew McCabe's Clone!!!
I can tell by the slightly larger penis not due to
rubbing on lubriderm!!!

Yes, this is Return of the Clone Snatchers.


 Say didn't I see you in Star Trek.......
or did I?

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