Thursday, April 19, 2018

What is America

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This headline was mocked and laughed at from the Syrian Government, but what does it really mean in the end of the US empire, when every war and murderous action the United States has been engaged in from Kosovo, Panama, Gulf War I, Gulf War II to the Obama wars, all have one purpose in common and that is keeping the petro dollar in control of the world, and the propaganda was just a backdrop to hide the real cartel wagging of the American dog.

Senior Assad Aide: Airstrikes in Syria Mark End of U.S. Empire

According to this version, the US launched 105 missiles at the alleged “chemical weapons” facilities of the Assad government.
  • 76 missiles – “Barzah Research and Development Center”
  • 22 missiles – “Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site”
  • 7 missiles – “Him Shinshar CW Bunker”

Then there is the Russian version which was more detailed.

 The US-led strike was aimed at the following targets:

    Four missiles were launched at the area of the Damascus International Airport. All these missiles were intercepted.
    12 missiles were launched at the Al-Dumayr Military Airport. All these missiles were intercepted.
    18 missiles were launched  at the Baly Military Airport. All these missiles were intercepted.
    12 missiles were launched at the Shayarat Military Airport. All these missiles were intercepted.
    9 missiles were launched  at the Mezzeh Military Airport. Five of them were intercepted.
    16 missiles were launched at the Homs Military Airport. 13 of them were intercepted.
    30 missiles were launched at targets in the areas of Barzah and Jaramani. Seven missiles were intercepted.

The United States in reality is a debtor nation of 21 trillion dollars at least, with over 100 trillion dollars in leverage debt.

Her people are impoverished in the rich poor gap.

The people do not trust the government and are more responsive to Vladimir Putin of Moscow.

The coup against Donald Trump proves a deep state works against the people and the elections.

The American People in the White race are being waged genocide war against and the Black race is being cropped by Planned Parenthood. Both will be replaced in 30 years with a Jesuit Muslim order of tan skins.

America has little manufacturing.

America no longer has a White population capable or willing to fight in cartel wars.

American resources are pumped for the few by economically raping the many.

The fact is the United States will be a melding of Iraq and Venezuela by the next generation incapable of fighting a war or producing an economy.

In that the United States does not have an economy.

So we are left with US silly claim that it destroyed the Syrian chemical weapons program, which it did not have and does not need, and result being that the Pentagon opened the door for Russia’s moving S-300s  into Syria, with virtual US permission, as it claims the Syrians have zero air defense.

So in reviewing the reality of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama wars, and the crumbled societal framework of replacing Christianity with sodomy, the United States is in an epic decline. All the Americans have is a technology gap and technology is a beast that is expensive and wears out fast in nuclear radation. The point in this is, the Asian hordes have the numbered feet to absorb all US mass destruction weapons, cripple the United States with said nuclear weapons and in the mushroom clouds, emerge to gain victory over America.

This is Chinese policy which Mr. Trump chocolate cake worships. The Chincom have assessed that they do not desire a nuclear war with America, as it would be of greater benefit to encase America behind her walls, let her be outbred by her tan skinned invaders, and then annex North and South America for the Asian to repopulate.

There are four breeder peoples in this world. Asian Mongoloid, Latin Mongoloid, Muslim Semite and African Negroid. The Negroid has zero chance of dominance or survival in contrast to the Mongoloid. The Muslim Semite is incapable of production, instead manifesting violence. That leaves the Mongoloid to overtake and rule.
The Russian Slavic is not a breeder, is incapable of the marshaling of forces to leave nothing but a scorched earth wet spot in China or America, so the sons of Japheth will be overtaken  too as while Vladimir Putin has  admirably led Russia, Russia does not have the the resources to obliterate the entire Asian mass, and would kill themselves in the process.

That is the assessment of this as this blog proved by General McKenzie's own words that he lied and the US missiles were not immune to being destroyed by the Russian counter measures.  That is the best America had, used in a surprise attack and in the end America without her expensive  technology is just another Atlantis race vanishing into legend.

The end of the US empire is the same cancer which Rome was eaten by, as it persecuted Christians as a scapegoat and bribed the swarthy class who at the empire from within and shit it out in the rubble.

The United States currently has one theory which exudes weakness and that is America threatens a number of shadowy figures, rises up in sneak attacks as her weapons are inferior to counter measures and then assures everyone this is civilized behavior.

DHS chief issues stern warning to Russia, others on election meddling, cyberattacks

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