Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Homist Jimmy Kimmel

Billy Kimmel suffers from Letterman Syndrome

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is pleased the tourists have finally arrived to catching up to this blog's post yesterday that Jimmy Kimmel is a Homist, the equivilent of a racist, but for Kimmel he hates queers as that is where his mind delves to the worst insult he can muster when it is aimed at a Catholic like Sean Homo Hannity, and linking Hannity to anal sex with Donald Trump.

Fittingly the left has caught up and pointed out what a homist Jimmy Kimmel is.

Kimmel is getting called out over it from both sides, but let’s see if anything really comes of it:

Why Kimmel devolves into thinking that calling people a homosexual for people in the right wing of America is a condition of the leftists. I call Sean Homo Hannity, Homo, because the man can not parrot a line into his mic without linking some Muslim tossing a fag off a building in Saudi Arabia.

Kimmel though has a history of hate on his Disney program which people have not called him out on. He hired Guillermo as the stereotypical low IQ fat Mexican with all the latino slurs thrown in.

Uncle Frank is more hatred from Kimmel in Frank is the the "doddering old white fool". The same hatred that David Hogg spews about "old people" as it comes out of this leftist ilk like drainage out of a sewer pipe.
Frank had to die or he would still be being abused  by his punk nephew for a fool.

It is though what Disney portrays on ABC with Kimmel who has shown himself  someone who hates homosexuals, Latins and the elderly. If one remembers Kimmel had Elvis Costello on, who picked up a George W. Bush doll when Bush was President and kicked it across the stage, it has always been a case that Kimmel has been initiating violence into society, and his latest homist slurs in battering someone in an argument for being a fag as a weapon is what Jimmy Kimmel is.


Seriously, Disney and ABC could put a turnip on late night and get 3rd place ratings, as Kimmel is not funny, never has been funny. He just is stupid to look at with a stupid grin, and that only goes so far as Jon Stewart proved.
Disney employs a number of people on the Kimmel program and they get zero comedy or viewers. There are people out there who are funny and able to interview guests, without talking about erections. Even Howard Stern can talk about erections and not come off as creepy.

Kimmel though thought he could make himself important in filling David Letterman's shoes in being the comic assassin, so he would be invited to all the important parties and the liberal press would love him, all in the hopes that he would really be accepted by the in crowd. All that got Letterman was looking like the Unibomber, dragging his kid around in the streets of New York saying "Look at me I used to be somebody".

That is Kimmel's future and that poor little boy he keeps using as a human shield to attack people politically is going to be hiding from Kimmel, as Kimmel will be dragging that kid around the streets of LA begging people to notice him.

Disney should address this as should ABC, and review Jimmy Kimmel's performance and his hatred, and then decide if they can reform him from a 3rd rate show to someone people will watch or just fire him, at least to save this little  kid from the Letterman Syndrome.

 The Letterman Syndrome of Child Abuse

Nuff Said.