Sunday, April 15, 2018


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Why has not anyone asked why Robert Mueller in his internet quest of rooting out Russian collusion has not examined Jared and Ivanka Kushner's August 2016 trip to the Balkans where Vice President Joe Biden was also jetting too, and the most interesting secret trip by Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, to Prague
with the most interesting splitting of the Alt Right into the Brown Shirts and Tweetleks, of which Ricky Vaughn was leading the intellectuals, who were focused on weeding out the Paul Nehlen undesirables.

Paul Nehlen Banned from Gab After Doxing Ricky Vaughn

Paul Nehlen has long been a gateway between mainstream "normie" conservatives and the Alt-Right. The Republican candidate from Wisconsin, running against House Speaker Paul Ryan, is one of Gab's most avid supporters after Facebook, Twitter and YouTube joined forces to censor Rightwing views.

In this Nehlen outed Mackey as Mackey was hammering Nehlen who was a White Nationalist for the neo Civic Nationalist who care nothing about race.

There is a theory in this as Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton went nuts over Russian bots, that there was some group inside America who were rerouting Russian tweets for Trump, and that reality points to the most talented aberration of "Ricky Vaughn" a created character who rose from nowhere to lead the Alt Right, as pedo Milo appeared in America to fag up Storm Front, much to their consternation.

The composite of Ricky Vaughn was the most talented creation of a vast publicity stunt, in the same way Trump operatives were sorting out Uncle Gordon Duff on the left and Alex Jones on the right.
There was a coordination in this from the start, and as the evidence has proven, Donald Trump was the chosen spearhead for Defense Intelligence Agency, who just bombed Syria for the grande game.

During the 2016 election, Ricky Vaughn had tens of thousands of followers. He regularly tweeted pro-Trump talking points, far-right hate speech and Russian-backed propaganda, blurring the lines between them. 

We now know what Robert Mueller knows, but is not investigating, which leaves the question as to why this was not  investigated, which reveals a connection in this, that the front group for this, have the heaviest of hitters behind them.

We know this to be a fact as this influence was being tracked by the greatest mathematical university in America.

This would be the CIA deep state monitoring the psychological brainwashing effectiveness on the public in 2016 presidential elections.

According to the MIT Media Lab, he was more influential on the election than NBC News, the Drudge Report or Stephen Colbert.

Ricky Vaughn was raised white collar Republican. He is a gifted organizational genius, accomplished, a savant in his abilities, and that is why he was chosen, and more to the point in Vaughn was unemployed since mid 2016, and yet was living in style in New York.

He grew up in Middlebury, Vermont, the son of a tax lobbyist and former aide to Republican Sen. Jim Jeffords.

Buzz had it that Vaughn was a salesman for Smartcheckr, a data mining firm and he offered this to Nehlen at 2500 a month. Nehlen turned down the offer he could refuse and thus began the feud. Some speculate that Smartcheckr is of another operative in Chuck Johnson who broke major insider stories, while some might speculate that someone was running a very profitable data mining operation in direct competition to Katie Walsh's GOP operation.
That counter op was run by Brad Parscale of Jared Kushner's machinations in Balkan yachting on David Geffin's boat at the crucial time in August 2016 when Guccifer 2.0, who has now been tagged to Russia too, even though the entity behaved most Yugoslavian, were the duo claiming they elected Donald Trump by Forbes magazine, and were running the same internet operations which Ricky Vaughn was the most major player in as Botmiester.

"three major voter suppression operations" - Fortune

Trump's Digital Team Orchestrating "Three Major Voter Suppression Operations" Jared Kushner, ... and black voters. ...

The parents of Ricky Vaughn who is now being provided cover by the Southern Poverty Law Center which would be the same group of Ben Shapiro and ADL who went after fellow Jew, Nikolas Cruz, when they thought he was an Alt Righter in that assisted fire control operation to promote gun control, had no idea their son was involved in any of this, as white collar GOP never spews like this. That all points to the genius of Ricky Vaughn was tapped for purpose, provided a platform, bot promotion and a staff of assistants and troll volunteers to create the second most interesting platform for Donald Trump in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

his parents anyway. Scott and Kathy Mackey of Middlebury, Vermont, said: "We were devastated to learn this week of Doug’s beliefs and on-line activities as reported in the Huffington Post. They are antithetical to the values we hold and with which he was raised. We are still trying to understand how he could have done something like this and hope he will find some way to make amends for the harm he has caused."

The real story of Ricky Vaughn is far more interesting than the fiction. This is the stuff of the deep state in conflict with itself and the brilliant mind triggering of populations to produce an outcome by the DIA to overthrow the community organized CIA which the dinosaurs led by Brennan, who are in meltdown over this successful operation knocking them off their perch.

As someone who is a presence recorded on an old 486 spinning the revolutions per second, I watch the spiking of "viewers" of this blog, in promotion and suppression. As I do not run Google ads for profit, what is of interest in this, is how real people are supplemented by bots across the globe, as I observe the effects in this blog pops up in areas around the world where there are not 50 people who speak English, little alone 500 registering.
There are those who move to suppress this blog's numbers so that it does not rise in the ranks, and there are active bots pushing this blog. It is all evidence of the trails in this.

The real story of Ricky Vaughn is Major League. That is why the persona was chosen as it was the wild thing, throwing the wild pitch, but it only settled down when you wore the glasses to see what was really coming over the plate.