Sunday, April 15, 2018

Taxflation or Milk Stool Economics

Hi, my name is La'me.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

......and I make milk stools.

Making milk stools is like a blog, is like cleaning houses, is like driving a truck, is like packing boxes, is like selling eggs when you are poor, in for every 10 milk  stools I make, the government comes and takes 15% of my milk stools in taxes, and if I protest, I get fined, go to jail or get shot, as I must pay my taxes.


15% Taxes

I sell my milk stools for 30 dollars each, because China sells milk stools for 30 dollars each in driving prices down. That means to make 30,000 dollars to live in poverty, I have to sell not 1000 milk stools, but 1050 milk stools to live on.
Out of that 30,000 I must pay for my tools, the wood, the finish, the money transfer services and packaging. I can not afford to pay shipping which customers want, as the Post Office charges me 15 dollars per stool, which of course would mean I would have to built 2100 stools to make 30,000 dollars to exist in poverty.

If I get more successful, over 30,000 dollars then the government requires me to pay 25% until I get to be a multi millionaire, and that sort of makes me not want to work for that as it would kill me.

25% Taxes

It is interesting in this that if I were to expand to employ more people, have them build the stools for me which I love to build, then I am penalized even more in taxes having to be paid as it rises to 37% now under Donald Trump and that means the government gets 4 of my stools for each one I build.


37% Taxes

It gets a bit more complicated though as in my original 15% I am paying, well that is more like 65% in all those hidden taxes for gas, phone, money transfers and yes taxflation as all the big corporations pass on their costs to me and consumers, but I can't do that as the Chinese would run me out of business.

Here though is what it looks like in all I am left after a years worth of labor is 4 stools to live on.

60% Income and Excise Taxes

The thing is in this, that Rush Limbaugh and all the billionaires like saying they pay most of the taxes while the poor pay little or none. Take a look at my stools again, because my stools are different from Limbaugh or Obama stools, because my stool is worth 30 dollars in the end after taxes, but their stools are worth a million dollars and when it comes to a nation rapist like Warren Buffett, his stool is worth a billion dollars.

So when I am left with 30,000 dollars to live on in my stools, which is really around 16,000 dollars, even with all the rich pay in millions, they are still left with millions of dollars to live in luxury on, while my percentage of taxes is actually greater at 15% by what I am left in pennies, to the 37% they are left with in billions.


Of course this tax structure impoverishes poor people and robs from them, because it is designed to keep people like me from becoming a competitor to the nazi conglomerates. If you want to understand what it is like to be a writer in this world or someone who makes a stool, you soon find out that you are the one who is specifically targeted from production while the benefits go to CIA outposts like the Washington Post or the Chicom stool makers in Peking.
I though pay my taxes as that is the law, as each of you follow the law, but the Holy Ghost has moved me to post this to educate you in simple numbers of stools, so that you can see where your money goes really and how unfair this system is, no matter if Donald Trump says how beautiful it is in a Jew Street economic rapist like Gary Cohn who reinforced the Obama Clinton HW Bush rapine of the past 30 years.
When you start making things with your hands like cookies or quilts, you soon find out that all of your hard work is being taken from you at 12% to 25% and you are told you are being given a great deal. Try holding back 25 dollars from a 100 dollar bill from a rich person and they will call the cops and not listen to what a great deal it is and NEVER try that with the IRS in holding back 25% in giving them a great deal as they will make an example of you for your humor.
None of this is the IRS fault as they are just the police state required to collect taxes. If they do not do their  assigned jobs, the police state will throw them into prison as that is the way the system works. It is why though when all of you Trump clappers were saying what a great deal the Cohn cuts were in taxes, I knew better as I create things in hard work, and I understand how this all transfers, as most of you try to ignore your paychecks and that massive withholding fee you get taken from you each month by mandate is your sweat of your brow payment to a regime which is giving it all away to Wall Street, the Pentagon, the nazi conglomerates and the dear Trump Visa Vermin.

A millionaire is left with millions of dollars as is a billionaire after taxes. The poor though are left with poverty and nowhere to turn as once the few thousand are gone, it is go hungry or walk as no gas money means no gas in the tank. I hope this lesson has educated you and you share it as this is what taxes and economics are and why none of us have any money left, as the reality is the Founders of America NEVER intended any of this bank usury or taxation at these levels to ever be a part of this Republic. What takes place in all nations is organized legal robbery where those in power allot to themselves monopolies to control the money supply to impoverish the masses so the people never gain enough political power to take their money, their nation or their freedom back.

In the end we are all left with an empty pail, because when any government keeps taking 15% out of every dollar, every time it is spent, it only requires 7 times in purchasing things, before that dollar is gone and all that is left is a compounded debt.

This has been a Lame Cherry open university lecture on the Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy principles of taxation and economics.


All that is left after Taxflation

Nuff Said