Sunday, April 29, 2018

Brain Fuzz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is something I detest in brain teasers as I have better things to do than tease my brain. Worst in this is these things are posted and then the answer given and no one ever explains to those where the components are.

The question above is how many triangles do you see in the above maze?

It is a simple question so do some counting as already numbers of you are cheating and looking for the answer in the next block.

Can you be trusted on the little things in life?

Stop cheating as if you can not police yourself on the little stuff, how can you be trusted by God in anything.

Did you get 17? If you did like me, then you are incomplete and have to take it to a higher level.

Yes it is tricky in most people forget the big triangle, but look again did you count the other triangles?

Yes the top triangles and the bottom triangles. Keep counting and see what you come up with as I will help so there is no need to cheat.

OK, so here is the countdown, you started with 17 triangles. This will get you to 21.

Now we count to 23 triangles.


Here we are at 25 triangles. You can stop and see what you come up with as there are more than 25 in this diagram.


So you now come to the correct answer in there are 27 triangles in this maze of the mind.


It is what I dislike about all geometry, algebra, physics etc... is they never take one step by step through to expand your visual mind to connect it to the workings of the internal brain. All they ever do is not give you the answer to frustrate you or give you the answer to frustrate you, but never walk you through how you are to arrive at the correct answer readily.

All of this has really zero value in the common sense and Inspired thought of what life requires, but pointy heads take a great deal of pleasure in stating these puzzles make people think. No they make minds process to focus in the box, instead of thinking out of the box to get a machine to calibrate this for you, so you do not have to do this as that would be common sense.

Put it this way, would you rather have a room full of college egg heads who can solve things like the above, or would you rather have people like Henry Ford, Cyrus McCormick, Andrew Carengie or Werner von Braun who had common sense and Inspiration to make cars, reapers for harvest, steel and rockets?

That is the problem in none of the above came out of the educational system in this world, and all were able in intelligence to create human advancement. The world now is a guild of worthless teaching in schools and the retardation of those who have abilities to create things which science says can not be created.

Isaac Newton was a scientific genius, but like Albert Einstein, their work made zero difference to humanity compared to Robert Fulton in his primitive world figured out that a steaming pot on a stove, could drive a piston which would move a gear to transfer that heat and steam power to a paddle in creating a steamship.
It was called Fulton's Folly, but it advanced humanity to the industrial age.

IQ has zero value in the real world as what solves problems is common sense, experience and Inspiration from God. 
Science and mathematics are vital, but not the foundation for advancement as too much discipline of the mind jails the mind to not see that a block and tackle advanced humanity further than the computer.


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