Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Gold Bomb

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have always had a dream or it is more like a thought. No it is more like, I just want to do it, because it sounds like something I would do. I probably gave it away in the title, but I want to build a nuclear gold bomb.

I know what the experts say, because I have read what they say. It is all really interesting though in the sun produces just some things like helium to iron, but it takes a super nova to really get the heavy metals like gold.
See this is easy as now we know what God was doing when He created the heavens and the earth, in he was by His Thought setting off a wave of energy in creating this universe. That expansive wave  built every molecular structure, and He did it all without nuclear bombs like fusion or fission because He said "let there be light later" and that is from nuclear detonations in solar bodies.

Anyway this is about my gold bomb, and I contend if you put something under enough pressure and heat, that it will become a nuclear bomb. I never said it might be cost effective as who would blow gold as it would cost a fortune.

Turning hydrogen into gold is difficult (which is why gold is so rare). As you can see from the binding energy curve, the most stable nucleus is that of iron, which is much lighter than gold. This means that to get from iron to gold, you have to put a lot of energy in. In a star, hydrogen will fuse to make helium, which will fuse to make carbon, and so on. This fusion will produce energy up to the formation of iron. In ordinary stars, no elements heavier than iron are formed (see "stellar nucleosynthesis" link).

However, when stars explode in supernovae, heavier elements can be created. Neutrons bombard elements present in the star, and are captured by these nuclei. They undergo beta decay, in which a neutron releases an electron and is converted to a proton. In this way, elements of higher atomic number (more protons) are created. But creating such a high neutron flux in a laboratory is extremely difficult and has never been accomplished. As far as I know, gold and other heavy elements have not been synthesized from hydrogen in the lab.

So let us get a little background on this, as lead jackets to keep this bomb clean, and of course the digital type atomic bomb, in using lasers to produce the confinement, in heat and pressure to blast this bad boy into a real 4th of July firework.

Today's "clean" hydrogen bombs use lead jackets to absorb the fusion-produced neutrons, but they still have the problem of spreading fission-products produced by their fission triggers (the primary stage of the bomb).
What is currently proposed for future use in civil engineering is a hydrogen bomb with no fission primary stage. For example, laser inertial confinement might possibly suffice as a substitute for the fission primary.

See the interesting thing is nature creates all sorts of fused things, but people in their nuclear reactors get all kinds of odd elements like U 233 that even has an odd name, but it is highly unstable and will give you an instant sun tan on the inside if you cuddle with it.
What does this have to do with a gold bomb? Not a thing, but you are learning something and God made me a great teacher and you don't even donate any Evercrisp apples to teacher or the cost of buying like 500 bushel of them orbs of Eve's taste.

And no I am not digressing.

The biggest reason why U-233 has been mostly—though not entirely—-discarded by the big nuclear weapons states is that reactor-produced U-233 inevitably contains impurities that are strong radiation emitters. Dangerously strong. It’s still possible to fabricate weapons from reactor-produced U-233, and in fact it is a much better bomb fuel than U-235 inasmuch as it takes far less of it to go “kaboom” and thus it is more similar to plutonium than it is to anything else. But in addition to the radiation danger, which can be mitigated somewhat though it is still a hazard, the radiation also serves to make U-233 bombs easier to detect

So anyway, this is like what I got planned. I get this gold ball, the size of a cannon ball, and instead of blowing it up, I got cash it in because you richtards never donated the big bucks to me, and are waiting for Donald Trump to Wall Street crash and steal it from you.

 Still not digressing......

So I change out the gold for a lead ball and a Gehl skid steer as I need one of them to lift round bales to feed cows, and lead is heavy ass stuff and the days of me lifting Samson loads are passed. So I got this lead ball, and I build me this laser containment field around this big ass lead ball.
I really put the wood to it in pressure and heat, so it is like a super nova in the brier patch, and with all that the gold starts breaking down, which is the start of a nuclear chain reaction, and when that gets rolling, I got this so it turns into hydrogen and that is a thermonuclear detonation. I know I said about an atomic gold detonation, but sister this is like fractions of a second, between atomic and thermo, and with a lead jacket on as leather clashes with atomic bombs, any way you got yourself the mother of all bombs. I mean mother as those big H bombs were grains of sand compared to this earth sized bang.

Ok so I could also capture anti matter, put it into a magnetic field, and then drop the field and expose it to the lead ball or gold ball, and that would produce the bigger mother of all bombs too, but in either case, whether it is my Presto pressure cooker using laser detonation or anti matter, I have my dream, well it is more like a thought that I was Inspired to birthing from a theory to a law.

Look I still got an idea about this in disrupting the base light in all molecules and releasing energy from there as can you imagine the cherry device which disrupted molecular structure at an atom's base adhesion and witnessing that energy release in all that structure pent up since God put it together. Now that would be the mother of all bombs.

Anyway that is how you do it. I could build one out of an apple or a diamond. Well enough of this fun with photon energy. Got to find some picture to start this off with. Will see what comes up.

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