Friday, April 13, 2018

Carding and the Wrath of God

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I had a very informative phone conversation with Paypal yesterday over an issue which most of you have zero knowledge of and I would not care about if the rich would get off their fat thieving asses in reading content on this blog as Wall Street looting makes them richer and they refuse after all God has done for them in this blog to make the big donation.

The subject was CARDING and how charities like Franklin Graham's or blogs with donation buttons become victims of this criminal enterprise. What Paypal was explaining to me is that there are criminals who steal your information from your banks, from shopping at the grocery or your just walking in the airport and a reader picks up your electronic identification on your debit or credit card.
That part is known, but the next part is how this works as a criminal enterprise.

Carding (fraud) - Wikipedia

Carding is a term describing the trafficking of credit card, bank account and other personal information online as well as related fraud services. Activities also encompass procurement of details, and money laundering techniques.

Once someone's credit card information or bank card is swiped, these criminal enterprises buy the numbers, and then "test the cards". The foremost way is they donate money to charities in forms under 4 dollars. Paypal when alerted investigates these amounts, because it is a standard operating conclusion that these small dollar amounts are criminals testing cards they have stolen.
Paypal has a graduated system of standard and advance payment features for tracking information on these small amounts. What I have set up now is if donors here do not have a verified address, the status will shift to pending until I green light it. That is the reality of the world we live now. The security desk I was speaking with for Paypal in Nebraska's fraud center, informed me that from this point on if I do not know the people donating small amounts, that I should just refund it to save time, as what began all of this was someone I had tracked to California had been testing bank cards they had stolen and were donating a few dollars, which when the bank was alerted were being cancelled.
I had heard a forensic criminal expert on the radio in wire fraud stating a few weeks ago that the authorities really watch for those 1 to 4 dollar transfers of funds, as those are the red lights of criminals being active. Paypal informed me that after the test run, the swindlers run up the cards on electronics and designer clothes. I assume these items then become black market and end up overseas in Muslim and Asian lands.

So if you have ever ordered anything online, as I did from ATT this past year, I noticed the order was pending for sometime. That is a business checking the CVC number on back of the credit card, the verified address and waiting to see if the card alerts as as stolen card. This is affecting every American and person in the world in the delays in transactions and the chances are the next time you swipe in Subway or some other public location your card is going to be stolen electronically and some charity is going to light up with a dollar donation, before your card starts buying phones in Florida.
This is why I posted about my Discover card being stolen after I purchased some ammo online out of California. I have a low purchase cost alert which tells me when the card is being used. Like most people do not catch the dollar amounts in the tests, the big ticket items red flag and I shut my card down within an hour of the purchase.

So that is another lovely feature of writing this blog, in now there will be an address verification, which the majority of people who have ever donated had their names, addresses and phone numbers listed on the receipt. What caught my attention though was all of these dimers had pulp fiction type names and their emails which were all Gmail did not match the people.

All of this fraud now is forwarded to Paypal's wire fraud unit which tracks it all, and when the FBI is not getting their report, I am engaged in Spiritual warfare things which by God's Grace I am most effective at in making life hell on earth for those who screw with me.

I have read a great deal about people complaining about Paypal, but I have had nothing but good customer relations with them. They have always been helpful on the phone or in email. They called me after I requested someone someone higher up to provide the information I would need to file a criminal complaint.
Paypal is like all businesses in they have to answer to the IRS, FBI and other banking regulators. Provide the information they require and everything runs smooth on their end, as far as the clever trolls who think they can troll things, there are remedies in law enforcement and God's enforcement to handle those situations.

That is about it, so back to stunt sheep riding.

Or not.