Friday, April 13, 2018

Hotter than HAARP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been waiting upon the HAARP monster storm about to obliterate Minnesota as predicted in feet of snow and tornadoes on Monday. The above is the April 12th NOAH radar grab, but I noticed something bizarre in this day's imagery as I noticed this strange line of clouds beginning at the North and South Dakota line as if a front line was being generated there.

What progressed though over the next 12 hours was this thin line of clouds or a frontal boundary grew to almost 2000 miles in length.
What I desire you to focus on though is not the line, but watch what happens in this line over the Great Lakes and into Quebec. It literally vanishes.

For those unfamiliar with the Great Lakes, there is a reality there of Lake Effect Precipitation. If you have ever watched clouds moving over reserviors of water, they suddenly bloom into storms due to the evaporated moisture there.  If  there are clouds coming off of a lake they generate moisture, and yet on this line, they vanish.

Again in this pattern is this New England weather storm deluging that region as a symbiosis forms. What makes zero sense again though is this bizarre blocking line as HAARP has created this long line. In checking the NOAH reports, this storm is supposed to stop at the North Dakota - South Dakota border. Convenient that is in it snows in South Dakota and North Dakota has zero snow. As this churns in this region, it is Minnesota which is snow dumped and Wisconsin is supposed to really be pounded. If you study the above red bow line, that area in Wisconsin which is ballooning moisture in the Wausau area is supposed to receive almost 2 feet of snow.

As I write this, South Dakota gets the blizzard, Minnesota just gets a snow dump and Wisconsin get buried. Sadly there are no reports of tornadoes blowing things to Kansas as promised. I do enjoy watching HAARP explode weather as it is like opening a wrapped gift in you are told what is going to happen, and you think the box is empty, and suddenly HAARP in the box is ringing the bell.

Time for the hot chic who blossoms under the Chicago reality that she is hot as she always hoped she would be.

The Weather Mods are filling up the Mississippi River, retarding wheat planting and production in America and who knows if Trump tweets these pictures to Vladimir and says, "See we can make weather on a state border, the Canadian border as that is our Star Wars shield to defeat your radioactive fall out.

Hello, I am hotter than HAARP