Friday, April 20, 2018

Divorce or Lezbo me to Death

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will be the first to admit that often I have to look up who in this hell people are in making news, because it used to be, to actually be quoted or have a story made up about you, you had to be more than a fat ass Kardashian.

So when I came across this Jesse Kelly and Sally Kohn talking about the dividing up of America or can't we all just get along, I thought, "Ok who are these featured  deep state asstards?", and I should find out in the next 20 seconds as they are asstards I could care less about.

Conservative writer Jesse Kelly defended his calls for a territorial division of the U.S. Thursday, claiming much of the nation has nothing in common.
Kelly initially presented the idea Tuesday in The Federalist, an online magazine, where he advocated for the mass secession of mid-western and southern states from the rest of the country, even including a map with a hand-drawn dividing line.
He again made his case on HLN’s S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, where he sparred with CNN commentator Sally Kohn.

OK I think this is Jesse Kelly. For the record, people named after a hawk hunting hood is not exactly something inspiring, nor are these shemales now all going by Jess dyking up the butch.


There's a switch on a wall..........

At least Mike Cernovich has all other men trying to look like him, Jesse just is ........well on CNN.

Here is Sally Kohn. My first impression, ok here is a butch dyke, and when I looked it up....yeah another reason Judgment is coming on America.

....and a light comes on when I touch it???

People with faces for radio should not appear on television as even ugly translates to the typewritten page.

So we got some military jock and a lezbo, with one saying we should deep state V is for Vendetta divide America to uniform wearers and lezbos, and the lezbo is doing the deep state line of "Keep your genitals with reach so I can get you drunk and turn you". In translating this, America becomes the Balkanized nation that the Eurasian powers have wanted from 1776 to subdue America or America continues onto the road of Sodom which ends in the modern fire and brimstone, also known as, nuclear war, as America no longer has a population which could win a war.

The Lame Cherry covered this long ago, in I am not about to give up the United States, one pebble of it to anyone. Lincoln solved the issue of divorce or secession in being a matter which is like real marriage in only till death due us part. The same is a fact in I have zero in common with these abominations who are all lying to themselves that they are not sexual deviants. Logic would conclude that agreeing to the continued destruction of the United States by breaking the Union or the continued destruction of the United States by satan's self consuming forces is illogical, as both will lead to nuclear war and the inevitable genocide of thee entire American race.

Factor this out, in the US divides into different countries. The hatred of leftists for the right will have them making economic warfare on the right wing states. Pressures of war will lead to a leftist state letting some Chicom bases with nuclear weapons onto their states for protection, and it will lead to nuclear war.
For the right dividing out, the nuclear arsenal of America being divided, means a weakened America and would invite a first strike from those right wing states. Hence conclusion, divorce and forced sodomy bring a nuclear strike on America by weakening by division or weakening by degraded union.

If Donald John really desired this to solved,  it is a matter as in the American Revolution or the Civil War where Americans of differing decisions fought it out with the victor taking the spoils, all of them. In 1776 the Tories were all driven out and in 1865, the Southerners were exterminated.
See if there is a political decision that one does not desire to fight to the death for, that is not a political decision, but something of zero imprint which does not belong being afflicted on one group.

Donald John needs to declare a National Purr. He might as well make it illegal as this is internation war and you either behead your enemies as Paris did, or the bodies litter the street as Moscow did. Two forces, one Conservative propagation and one Liberal self destruction can not occupy the same space, no more than cancer and a healthy body can, as what is the end result is death and maggots making the meal.
Survival is the only natural selection, and it would require a national leader like Abraham Lincoln to legalize warfare of Americans upon each other. If those on the left do not want to fight for being dykes, then they do not believe in this right and if those on the right do not believe in fighting for an entire America governed by them an instead advocate running away to North Jarhead an South Jarhead, then they have no right to section off pieces of America.

Sodom and Secession will bring a nuclear war upon America, as much as Donald Trump selling American energy to foreigners, bringing in Visa Vermin and his advocating an extortion racket in looting nations instead of MAGA.

Both of these views of the cartel are designed to degrade the United States and disunite it. The correct discussion in this is enforcing the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, who are in the process of genociding America by sodomy and vermin replacement, or gathering all the  Conservatives into gulag states where nuking them in a future event out of Peking and Moscow places the children of 1776 to the same petrified state as the dinosaurs.

America has enough weapons. The citizens simply need in their cowardice to be told by Donald John that they can fight it out to the death and keep all the economic prizes of their slaughter, just like the Americans did in stealing Tory property, Jew carpetbaggers stole the Confederacy and FDR stole the Japanese American lands in World War II by throwing the Japs all into concentration camps.

History proves in Rome the fallacy of debauchery and division. Rome degraded to a sexual deviant state which divided east and west, and being divided was destroyed. The realist part of this is that America is on the road to the death of the race. If it does nothing, America ceases to exist. If it divides, America ceases to exist.

America does not have the leadership to save America for Americans. It instead is a DIA business brand which is implementing a fiction called MAGA. Americans do the correct thing in voting, paying their taxes and obeying the laws, but the system is geared to work against them. That does not mean that anyone acts out, instead Scripture states now is the time to be prudent and not act out, as it only gets one in prison or shot by the police state.

The purpose in this post is not a call to action, as you already acted within the law and it was neutralized, so it something which can never be engaged in, in operating outside the law as that would get you neutralized to your great harm. The purpose of this post is to expose the media which is forcing you to accept sodomy or accept division, which will bring you great harm. Sometimes in life all you can be is like the Christians in Rome who refused to be sodomized and learned to hide in the system, until those consumptive forces eliminated themselves.

Do you really want to be led to your end by people who look like they are mesmerized every day when they discover a light switch turns on a light, and spend several hours flicking them on and off.

You do not fight this out. You instead find the way to survive without making yourself a target as those self destroying will naturally select off the gene pool and those seeking to quarantine themselves in their plague gulags.

You have Christ leading you. Stay with Him as He has the instructions to live and prosper in peace. You get led by the above and you will be the fossil dug up called the missing link when gorillas like Mike Cernovich rule the world.

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