Friday, April 20, 2018

President Donald John, prepare for Korea

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As President Donald John has engaged in almost verbatim policies in North Korea, after they were first published on the Lame Cherry, this blog does seek to assist this President, which I conclude has been misguided on North Korea and undertaken directions which are too much of a risk for the President, considering that Kim Jong Un has outplayed every American President he has faced.

Personally Mike Pompeo is the soft sell of the CIA in being dispatched to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un. The fact is these negotiations are being pushed along by Peking, and as stated, I would have chosen John Bolten to deliver the talking points as only Bolten brashness could.

It is in this that it is of a necessity that another precursor meeting be moved up, on the location. As this blog stated, it would be better to have began this with Mrs. Kim, but now the world stage is where Kim Jong Un must be brought. I do not for a second yet condone that Donald Trump gets into a face to face meeting with Kim Jong Un, unless complete agreements have been worked out to the last detail, for the two presidents to sign. Mr. Trump stating he is walking out if the meetings are bogus is already a losing situation which the President can not allow.

It is in this short advice which I do hope the staff of the White House steals or the Trump jr's pass along, that while in the negotiations it is insisted upon that La Chaux-de-Fonds, the historical city of Switzerland be the only acceptable meeting place, as Kim was educated there and the Swiss are internationally accepted as being always neutral.
Kim must come to Europe and grace this city with Mr. Trump on the French border.

The meeting place for the detente, and this must be called DETENTE for diplomatic and political reasons, to shield the President from failure as an opening, must be Maison Blanche. It's whiteness like radiant purity is the stark reality which is necessary for this meeting.

It is in these final preparations, that I urge President Trump to send along a Reagan persona in one of the few left in George Schultz if he is capable or, Richard Pearle,  John Lehman who as Secretary of Defense, and it is vital in the closing of the agreement that an American inform Kim Jong Un the following statement from the American government.

Mr. President, your diplomacy has been far reaching and successful in discovering opportunities in the American positions of the past, this is a new era Mr. President, and the United States informs you, that this government meets with you in good faith, but as this has now reached the zenith of the world stage, that if the President of the United States is exposed to failure on this world stage, there will be set in motion a Cuban Missile Crisis issue which will begin a war of weapons of mass destruction in which no one will survive.  Pyongyang will either be the Munich which started world shattered peace in our time with the Nazi or Helsinki when nuclear war was averted with the Soviets.

The above must be delivered in cold, blow their brains out, as you munch on appetizers reality, from an American. There must be gravity and reality in this prelude to Switzerland, otherwise Donald Trump will be played again, and a war will erupt with worse consequences as it spreads first in nuclear terror and ends with a world in a mushroom cloud grave.

Deliver this message first, or do not attend this meeting Mr. President.

This is the Lame Cherry assessment for President Trump.

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