Friday, April 27, 2018

Donald Trump Seizes California Agriculture

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It is difficult for readers to understand how American farmers and ranchers were kept poor slaves on family farms, but it was all Eisenhower Socialist based on Wilson and Roosevelt schemes of cheap food in America.
In this, the Lame Cherry will explain that for dairy farmers, milk was priced on how  far it was from Wisconsin. The reason being most dairies in America were in the Midwest so it kept prices low for most farmers. Into this farmers were always docked on "too much butterfat" in lowering their prices.

As the family farmers were destroyed deliberately by Rockefeller banking for Monsanto corporate agriculture, what arose was Agribusiness and now corporations worth billions of dollars dominate everything from eggs to milk to cereal grain control.

What is of interest in this is on March 30th, as no one reported on this but the Lame Cherry, the USDA moved on the Federal Milk Marketing Order or FMMO with a mandate to INCORPORATE ALL DAIRY IN CALIFORNIA. California will become a dairy conglomerate of it's own among the 10 other corporate states in America which deals with this regional monopoly.
In this California has almost 20% of market share and milk production in America. It is HUGE and it was never in the federal system as it was so huge. It was instead regulated by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Ballots are being sent out to California corporate farms  which have thousands of cattle in confinement milking them to death by over production, and if 2/3rd's vote on this in approving it, California conglomerate dairy becomes federalized.

The glaring FMMO in this is this REGULATES dairy farmers in selling to first buyers. You have read about that Amish getting into major trouble for selling raw milk to local people? That is what this monopoly is about in complete control in conglomerates only sell to conglomerates who then jack up the prices to you.

As I had a crippled baby calf that died, I was milking Hannah, and I was stunned by how good her milk was, and even more stunned in I tasted some from the grocery from a gallon plastic container and it tasted just like plastic. You are so used to the conglomerate milk that you have no idea what real milk is supposed to taste like when it is not cooked  and stirred to death.

This  California system also has quotas (keeps up prices) and allows for a pool of milk, (monopolies), and now this is moving for a monopoly control by the federal regime, in this is not coming out of some straw chewer in Bakersfield, but this is suits moving this to dominate and be backed by the federal government.

That Sonny Purdue has been nothing but gene splicing frankenfoods and conglomerate control over agriculture. Donald Trump got a Wall Street gem in him, and all of this means it becomes impossible for anyone wanting to be family farmer to ever start up as California farmers have a choice of joining the California mafia or the DC mafia. For those who do not know, California dairies have been flooding out to rural states buying up land and water, turning rural areas into pig and cow shit depositories as billions of gallons of groundwater is pumped out of the aquifers  depleting them, as California tapped out about 20 years ago and that is what brought about this national overflow and an end to original pricing of keeping prices low. That is the reason your 1.29 a gallon milk shot up to 5 dollars a gallon in the family dairies were all obliterated in America and replaced with corporate dairies. It is worse in California and New York in pricing, but now you understand the mafioso nature of this enterprise and it has just taken a giant footprint forward in Donald  Trump federalizing the California dairy conglomerates.

Whenever you have an enclosed monopoly which  regulates who can join, has quotas and says you can not sell to whom you choose, that is a criminal enterprise  designed to centralize wealth and to rob the people as it destroys free enterprise.

Sorry George Washington, you can not sell milk to your poor neighbor, because the government and the London  Dairy Council says you can't........

New World Orders are built on Federal Marketing Orders.

-  Lame Cherry

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