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A Cyberwarfare Analysis

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Lt. General Paul M. Nakasone has been confirmed  as head of the NSA, was originally promoted to construct the US Army Cyber Command, where he led the Four Horsemen.

For close to a year, from 2009 to 2010, Nakasone led a quartet of colonels who were dubbed “the Four Horsemen.” Cloistered in a tiny eighth-floor office at the NSA, they hammered out the plan for the nation’s first cyberwarfare command. Nakasone helped sell to skeptical lawmakers and Pentagon officials the concept for a new fighting force whose weapons were ones and zeros, and whose battleground was cyberspace.

Nakasone, 54, cruised through two confirmation hearings, during which he said that, when it comes to Russia’s campaign against the United States, “the most important thing is we want the behavior to change.”
Nakasone, currently the commanding general of Army Cyber Command, said, “We want them to pay a price.”
In that, he is concurring with Adm. Michael S. Rogers, who is set to retire in April as the head of NSA and CyberCom, and who has testified that so far the United States’ actions to punish Russia for its interference in the 2016 election have not changed its behavior.

Nakasone is the son of an American Japanese whose father witnessed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, in 1945 the young man joined the US Army as an interpreter and joined the US Army of Occupation in Japan after their surrender.

Born in Minnesota, Nakasone is a Minnesotan, a product of his Japanese heritage from his father. In that assessment, along with the wetware who created the US cyber response, which has been effective in scope in various scenarios, this assessment of Admiral Mike Rogers replacement, who fingerprints appeared all over the coup set up by the deep state, points to Rogers was a DIA insider shepherding Trump and monitoring CIA Director John Brennan's work in this operation of election meddling.

That is the key in this in Nakasone is Minnesota nice and Japanese polite, and it goes back to Mike Rogers ineffective measures, along with the Four Horsement, because they have brought to this the American bias in an absolute misunderstanding of the Muslim, Korean, Chinese, Iranian and Russian mindset.


It reminds me of the work of Oliver Crawford writing the script for Galileo Seven, from Star Trek the Original Series. For those unfamiliar with this episode, Spock is in command when the shuttle is swept off course and crashes on a planet inhabited by a Troglodyte race of the Folsom Point group of giants.
The humans advocate for striking hard and lethal, but Spock remains logical and scorns unnecessary death. He directs fire to show the party's superior firepower. The show of force is useless against the brawn mentality of the Troglodytes as they attack, and attack again.
The only escape is a last chance effort where it requires a desperate decision by Spock to save them which involves burning up in the atmosphere.

That is what is wrong with Cyber Command and the entire NSA in this "teaching them a lesson". From an American or Japanese mentality, thee Americans would have been warned off, while the Russians, Iranians, Koreans etc... have continued on with the brawn as they have factored in that unless the punishment is lethal, what is a computer fried, an asset confiscated of disabled, because they are still in the game.

General Nakasone and his intelligence group have received bi partisan support and it is evident that Nakasone is John Kelly's seal of approval, but the Russians are not Christian Roy Moore being hindered by his morals and destroyed politically. The Russians are a brute force people, a Siberian Grizzly who keep coming, and come on worse when stung.

In the 1980's the Soviets, had their diplomats kidnapped in Lebanon, as the Americans had their people kidnapped and held hostage. The KGB appeared in Lebanon, kidnapped the people behind the kidnapping, cut off the guys balls,  put a bullet in his head, dumped him on the doorstep of the kidnappers family and told them, it was going to happen to every last damn one of them.
The Russian hostages were set free unharmed, and no Muslim ever touched a Russian again. The Americans continued to be fodder for Benghazi terror.

In a world where the NSA was caught hacking American State election software, and the Russians keep being blamed for operations which have zero effect on American elections or mindsets, the operations of General Nakasone have been absolutely ineffective in the main objective. Nakasone and his horsemen are Herman Goering promising Hitler that the air war would bring London to her knees. Cyberwarefare is as worthless as an air campaign, as all it does is stiffen resistance and teaches the enemy your mindset and your patterns.

General Nakasone has the credentials, the ability, the experience, the leadership for this job, but so did the generals in Vietnam and that strategy failed.

The Russians were completely sedate in the 1990's, but as Bill Clinton stated, "We had to stop humiliating them". The humiliation did not stop, in fact Bush, Obama and Hillary did nothing but betray them, poke them with sticks and teach them what treacherous bastards Americans could be. The Russians are now coming. "They" who have been bombing Syria, and now have Moscow deploying S 300's after the disaster of the US having numbers of it's missiles shot down by old Soviet systems.

SOHR reported, based on "several intersected sources" on the ground, that "the number of missiles that were downed exceeded 65." That anti-Assad/anti-Russia pro-rebel SOHR is saying this is hugely significant, and is consistent with Russia's claim. 

The Brzezinski Doctrine is at play in making Syria the Afghanistan of this age to draw the Russians out to kill the bear as it over extends and continues to get further away from the lair.

Cyberwarfare is a fringe doctrine, as in Gulf War I in replacing Saddam Hussein's software for aerial defense so they were shooting at bogeys. It accomplishes nothing though whether it is Stuxnet or any other bug the NSA has developed and deployed. If Nakasone is in position to be ineffective as Mike Rogers was as Herbert McMaster was, then he is an acceptable choice to bring about the next world war, as he is Minnesota nice and Japanese polite, along with his ineffective associates.

One does not teach the Russians to change their behavior by slapping their hard drives. You should be able to figure this out now as no one has explained to you the facts of life.

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