Monday, April 16, 2018


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In looking over the headlines on the Liberty Daily just now and reading the stories concerning James Comey, as someone whose parentage signed  the Declaration of Independence and served in the New Jersey Congress, I am sickened to my stomach by the unAmerican and treacherous high crimes which James Comey engaged in, not against Donald Trump, not against Hillary Clinton, but against the Constitution, the Government, the People of the United States.

The Holier than Jesus, Comey, states that his crimes are not crimes as his intentions were his godlike judgments of what the situation should be, as he brought ruin to the FBI and tarnished the Department of Justice. Comey was excoriated by the smarmy Rod Rosenstein for imperiling the FBI and that is the damning fact in this, that even those who were deep state bending the law as in Loretta Lynch would not even shatter the lines of the appearance of upholding the law which James Comey did.

In watching James Comey, I am reminded of the PBS drama, I Claudius, starring Derek Jacoby. In one of the programs involving Caligula, everyone knew Caligula was mad, as he proclaimed the most insane things and was involved in thee most insane actions.  At one point Claudius is hauled out of bed at 3 AM and thought he was about to be executed, as he sat alone in a theater, the curtain rose, and there was Caligula dressed as a nymph, and he danced a fairy dance for his captive audience.
When I witness the bizarre cornfield in Iowa poses  and girly poses of James Comey, I think of Caligula in the fairy dance, and how James Comey is the exact same nuttery.

Could you imagine this unbalanced charlatan having Presidential powers in what terror he would afflict on the world? James Comey literally tried to frame Donald Trump and that was after he tried to smear Hillary Clinton so she could be blackmailed as President.

The situation becomes an apocapocalypse when leftist Jonathan Turley, who despises Donald Trump excoriates the fraud of James Comey, while reminding people on the left that there is a criminal investigation still taking place, and Comey as former FBI and as a cooperating witness just placed thee entire Robert Mueller witch hunt in jeopardy with this stunt.  Couple that with Mueller raiding the offices of Donald Trump's attorney, his home and his appaapartment, not over Russian collusion, but over campaign fraud, exposes the reality that James Comey as Robert Mueller's protege was absolutely the same Holier than Jesus where there is not any law they can violate as they are all above the law by their intentions.

Comey 'tell-all' violates all rules of justice

Thee only salvation which can come from this is the Western Prosecutor in John Huber, indicting these east coast demagogues and placing them into prison for 20 years to life. James Comey is never going to admit he is a criminal and engaged in treason, for he will always be like Caligula in his fairy dance waiting to be adored in the public is never to notice that he impregnated his sister and then cut the child out as Caligula was thee only god who was allowed.

James Comey is a Political Sociopath who must be made a legal example of for the continuity of the government of the United States.

Dance of the Fairies