Monday, April 16, 2018

Genearl McKenzie Now Changes His Story On Syria

In Russia we don't have to lie as our weapons work...


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As this blog pointed out the Pentagon was lying over the illegal attack on Syria, as the two generals speaking to the press had different stories. Now General McKenzie has been caught clarifying his original lie which was exposed on this blog, in McKenzie said the raid was over before the Syrians launched any missiles.

Now McKenzie is saying the Syrian missiles were 'largely ineffective", that translates as SOME MISSILES HIT THE AMERICAN MISSILES and McKenzie now says that "most" were launched after the strikes took place.
To put it plainly, the original reports from Russia appear accurate in the Syrians shot down 10% of the American best stealth missiles in a surprise attack. That is extraordinary as these are 40 year old weapon systems, and it is why President Assad is crowing about Russian technology.

Kenneth McKenzie and the Pentagon lied to President Trump and lied to the American People and that is the fact now admitted to by General McKenzie.

Syria launched 40 surface-to-air missiles against the strikes, McKenzie said, adding Syria's missiles were “largely ineffective” and most were launched after the strikes from the U.S., U.K. and France took place.

Lt. General Kenneth McKenzie

Lame Cherry: America caught flat ass lying about Syrian Strikes

The problem is in the British press, namely in two stories by the Express, quoting American Generals Dunford and McKenzie, ... THE LAME CHERRY CAFE.

"the mission was over before Syrian military even got a single defensive missile airborne."

To review this, these were America's BEST weapon systems, and they were defeated in a 10% margin at least. The Russians are claiming that over half of the American weapons were nullified. Those like SnooperMeixcan who chooses to believe a video, instead of what the lying generals are revealing, ignores the damning reality that old Soviet systems took out American systems, from Syrian launches who were surprised. If this was Russians and their best S 400's, the  American salvos would have been neutralized.
This is what America is depending upon to beat Russia and China and it failed with the B Team of Syria.
Remember in this, that the Americans, British and French were so terrified over these old Russian systems that they were cowering over Lebanon and would not get anywhere near Syria.

America has now entered the theater of Nuclear World War IV. It is why this blog last year published the series on Vietnam and US technology in how America was getting her pilots killed by it's worthless technology. 
So you get the point the Trump Clappers are not getting, the United States, France and English BLEW UP supposed chemical weapons facilities, storage plants and no one died from the clouds of poison gas which was unleashed there, and as SnooperMexican did not flat brain function out in their evidence of the damage America did..........this is supposed to be the ground zero of Syrian deadly chemical weapons, with maximum security and America has a film crew there not dying of chemical weapon residue and apparently in Syria top secret facilities are open to anyone who wants to wander around.
See how evidence does not stand up, especially when General McKenzie was caught lying now twice and changing his story.

Tons of Syrian chemical weapons and no one died from the residue?

America has now launched two illegal salvos against Syria, over fake chemical weapons, and what has been exposed is in the Ivanka attack the missiles did not hit things, and hit civilians and in the Donald attack, the missiles were being shot down in a surprise attack.

There is a great focus by the Pentagon about Russian trolls. The problem in this is the Russians and Syrians are proving to be on the honest side as the Pentagon has been exposed lying to the public.

For the record, General McKenzie must be relieved of command and booted out of the military. There must be an immediate independent review, I would recommend former Defense Secretary Bill Cohen to produce a report in two weeks for the President's eyes only review of what actually took place in Syria as this is nuclear war theater and Russia with Syrian proxies did far too effective job in pulling the talons off the American eagle.

The CIA lied in the first attack on Syria and now the DIA is lying about the second attack. Donald Trump has infuriated the Russian bear and taught them American weapons can be readily defeated.

That is the wrong Mission Accomplished.

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