Thursday, April 19, 2018

It is time for Joaquin Phoenix to Pyongyang

Joaquin Phoenix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For the sake of the nuclear disarmament of North Korea and the Korean peninsula, the Lame Cherry believes that this should not be left to Donald Trump alone, but instead should fall to the only man alive capable of carrying out this mission, in the greatest star ever, yes Joaquin Phoenix.

You remember that Richard Harris line in Unforgiven, when he said that no one could ever shoot British Royalty as they were so grand and majestic, that the hand would quiver, the mouth would go dry, that the mere presence of them would could anyone to shrink? Well that is Joaquin Phoenix in all shrink in his presence in the greatness of being Joaquin Phoenix.


I can not help that I am great. It is just a fact of being me.

We  know that Kim Jong Un basks in the celebrity of the immense presense of Dennis Rodman, but that is nothing compared to what Kim Jong Un would do in the presence of Joaquin Phoenix.  I  dare  say that if Mr. Phoenix appeared in this summit that Kim Jong Un would not only disarm North Korea, but give his beautiful sister in marriage to Joaquin Phoenix, provide him the keys to the secret passage of Peking's Forbidden City, and before the wedding nuptuals were complete, Joaquin Pheonix would be leader of all Asia, as being the greatest actor ever, all would simply become weak kneed and bow in his presence in submission.

It is time to send in Joaquin as he is the A Team

Kim Jong Un, the greatest leader in Asia is a natural mix with Joaquin Phoenix the greatest person ever. They are a natural meld of all things cool and all things manly. They put the macho in machismo and Gangnum in style.

I always try to emulate Joaquin Phoenix

For this reason in the security of the free and gulag world which no one can figure out what America is anymore. the world must demand that Joaquin Phoenix arise to this mission for it's complete success.

Joaquin Phoenix is the Gorbachev and Reagan of our age. He is both great men and with Kim Jong Un will save the world.

You don't have to thank me as no one ever could