Monday, April 23, 2018

It takes a Big Man to be Cher

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a reality in how far the United States has degraded under Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, when I actually appreciate Cher Bono Allman deleting caustic tweets on Donald Trump and admitting that she went too far with them, and noting it was not an apology.

Cher’s admission came hours after she had described President Trump as a “cancer ravaging our nation” and a “malignant tumor eating its way through our constitution” who would restrict the press and imprison hostile reporters if he had the chance.
Earlier on in the day, the singer had also called Trump a “criminal,” a “sociopath,” and a “despot,” among other insults.
Both tweets have now been deleted from Cher’s official Twitter account.

I do not want an apology from Cher Allman, because she does not have to apologize in political speech for what she posts about Donald Trump. Donald Trump can call her a used up old hose bag, and he should not have to apologize for that either, but it is responsible when someone like Cher Allman actually takes responsibility for their actions and states it is too far.

That is rare as Mario Cuomo never expressed regret for smearing Pat Buchanan as a Nazi. Birther Hussein never took responsibility for trashing Sarah Palin or Nancy Reagan. One can read the absolute disgusting things from Hillary Clinton on everything to that bizarre Debra Messing being insane with the current crop of George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg prostituting fruity boys like David Hogg, and that is the poison of the left.
Even Ms. Shabazz today was for rich Negroes demanding Donald Trump hand over the state of Florida. Seriously if all America has to do is hand over Florida to all minorities, fags, revolutionaries and communists, I am all for signing the deal today. Of course I would blast Cuba the following week, take possession of that and then embargo Florida so all of that trash would flee to Europe luxury, but this is about Cher Allman not about giving away states.

As a personal note to Cher Allman from a Conservative Christian female, it hurts when the left incessantly rants as they do, not taking into account for a moment that the things that Donald Trump is engaged in, are the the realities of George Washington in what America was founded on.
It personally upsets me that Cher cheated on Sonny and divorced him. I am saddened that her daughter is troubled in chopping of body parts. I am upset that someone I appreciated for what she accomplished with little talent, became an international star, who constantly is so insecure that she thinks the world is going to end if some Christian morality actually guides public discourse again.

That is why Cher Alltman is appreciated as she is the one leftist who stood up and took responsibility. That is unheard of. If one examines the entire fiction of the left, Trotsky was about the first and last leftist who said Stalin was wrong, and he got murdered for it, so hearing a civil discourse from the left is a rare thing.
Meathead Reiner never regrets his uncivil discourse, no more than Jimmy Kimmel, no more than Alec Baldwin. So it does take a big man to be Cher.

As she sees Donald Trump as a problem, I see that her politics have created a slave state in America, where the majority of these people are never going to be Cher Sarkisian, the daughter of Turkish roots, who worked hard to make a success in a hard business.
Cher's mouth assassinates those on the right, while her kindness is killing the very people she is showing compassion for.

Better Educated, But Not Better Off: Census: Immigrants on Welfare Triples, Medicaid Doubles, Has Even Surged Among Those With College Degrees

It would help if Cher was not cliche also as "cancer" is Cher quoting the leftist CIA Mockingbird on a "Cancer on our Presidency" to perform a coup on Richard Nixon. Building on that in a malignant tumor is not someone very bright repeating the word cancer in another form.
Her charges that Donald Trump would restrict and imprison the press is ridiculous when Donald Trump has been leaking to the very press driving these stories.
As far as Donald Trump being a criminal, sociopath and despot.  Donald Trump is just a capitalist like all of Hollywood Jewry is and have the business morals of the color of green. He is not a sociopath. In fact, he discovered early if he acted off balance it threw others off balance, so he would succeed in art of the deal. As far as a despot. No Mr Trump is not a despot nor a tyrant. He is simply an extension of the Defense Intelligence Agency just as Obama was an extension of Wall Street Soros rapine, as Bush Fam is an extension of Jewish banking, as Clinton is an extension of the Rockefeller magnate.

Cher Allman is frustrated and hears the propaganda meant to distract and she breaks it down as Mockingbird intends to, instead of rejecting being manipulated. So she gets it wrong as she fails to recognize these Trump leftist facts:

Obamacare is still the law of the land.
The Cohn Tax Cut was for Cher and her rich cohorts.
Donald Trump is pro sodomite.
250,000 babies are butchered under Donald John each year.
Donald John is legalizing Visa  vermin to make them permanent.

See if Cher would just examine the issues, Donald John Trump has gone further than Obama ever dared and implemented Obama's 3rd term as Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would have. Cher Allman should be celebrating those facts, including the fact that Trump Brand threw out all of the loyalists and Christians, and has people at 1600 Penn Avenue who are even more leftist than Jared and Ivanka Kushner.

Cher Allman should realize that SHE WON the 2016 election in Donald Trump. I'm the one who lost in my poverty and wasted life in writing the time line to place Donald John into the White House.

Cher should be celebrating, unless of course she wants her rants to give Donald John even more cover to allow him to really grab guns and throw people in the right wing into psycho gulags for believing in America as is on the agenda.

They say we're young and we don't know, and won't find out, until we've grown......

Perhaps Cher should grow up.

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