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Joseph DeAngelo

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As everyone is patting themselves on the back in the capture of the East Area Rapist, Golden State Killer and Original Night Stalker, the Lame Cherry reminds readers that this blog was examining this series of violent rapes and  murders earlier this year in the actual police reports posted online, and there were certain realities which presented themselves. These tells were evident in the crowing on Coast to Coast with George Noury in his expert guest, Keith Komos, who quietly stated in the crowing, "Well there are things here which do not fit the profile".........

I do not recall if I ever published the inquiry which I performed on this case. I do not know if I even wrote the details down, but I know the inquiry was pointing to someone in northern California, still alive, around 71 years of age, and north of Sacramento. Anyone can state anything after the fact, but I will state that when the forensic profile does not match the individual, then this is the wrong individual or there were more than one person operating.

In the first quote, we find DeAngelo was in constant employment, before being in law enforcement. The East Area Rapist, Golden State Killer and Original Night Stalker, was found to have a sort of paint residue on their person.
The amount of time required in the surveillance of the areas, the rapes would not allow someone raising three children in need of income, to be engaged in this constant activity.

The graduate of nearby Folsom High School and U.S. Navy veteran who served during the Vietnam War seemed to settle into his own suburban existence in the modest three-bedroom home on Canyon Oak Drive.

For 27 years, he worked in a cavernous Save Mart Supermarkets distribution warehouse in Roseville, a Sacramento suburb, before retiring last year, company spokeswoman Victoria Castro said.
"None of his actions in the workplace would have led us to suspect any connection to crimes being attributed to him," she said in a statement.

In the first reports, the neighbors said DeAngelo had a violent temper and often raged. The rapists who carried out these assaults never went into rages. They threatened to subdue the victims, but did not lose control.
In fact, one of the rapists cried in remorse, and of all the strange things he was gentle at times with the victims.
Using the F word in rants, was not what these rapists were about.
And I do use the plural in this, a victims reported often enough sensing another person on the patio or their rapist speaking with another person it seemed. That would point to a symbiotic relationship in crime.

Natalia Bedes-Correnti said DeAngelo appeared to be a "nice old grandpa" who lived with an adult daughter and granddaughter. But he also had penchant for cussing loudly when he was frustrated.
"He liked the F word a lot," Bedes-Correnti said.

DeAngelo is described as a good father. He actually lives with his daughter and told police he had a roast in the oven, in he was cooking. This does not fit the profile of the rapists or murderer.
What I believe inquiry revealed was an older man, an Uncle, was part of this duo and when the Uncle died, this is when the murderous violence began and it burned itself out as DeAngelo without a second to share, stopped the attacks, and melded back into his original persona.
There seems to be a younger version of DeAngelo in this too, in a series of attacks on young girls, the rapist stated that he had seen the girl at school.

 Huddle described DeAngelo, a 72-year-old former police officer, as a "good father" who was into guns and ammunition as a hobby. He said DeAngelo and his wife raised three daughters, and were separated at some point.

Then there is the  problem of the hobbies of DeAngelo. He was into firearms and reloading shells. This rapist was into knives. He used knives with ropes and shoelaces, he cut screens, he threatened with them, and while he did threaten with a firearm, that handgun was not the same intimate extension as the knife was.
The psychology of this is DeAngleo was intimate with the power of guns. That was his fetish. Knives are completely different psychology in the slicing, stabbing, butchery and blood. Knives are intimate. Guns are utilized by those  who do not want intimate contact with their victims.

He said DeAngelo was into "normal" hobbies, such as fishing and model airplanes, and also "guns and reloading ammunition." But he said he never noticed anything sinister about DeAngelo's behavior.

It is the same issue with the rapist and murderer in one of the profiles had a fetish for bondage in ropes, and in that came his alternative title, in he tied  an elaborate knot which goes by different names in the Diamond Knot. It is a lanyard knot used for knives, game calls etc... There is an intricacy in detail in this in the knife and rope association, while the firearms enthusiast would not gravitate toward that type of detailed intimacy. The profile does not fit.

The problem with Joseph DeAngelo is parts of him fit. He fits the eyewitness sketches of someone sometimes observed in these neighborhoods.

Then the problems begin arising in the other eyewitness accounts and sketches in a different person has been observed.

The hair is parted wrong, the nose is different, the head shape is oval and the eyes are different. This is why I believe beyond inquiry, that perhaps someone else is still out there, who had an association or a mimicry in having access to the forensic files.

I have not inquired on this, but I do believe there is another person of interest out there. He could have been an associate or relative of the original duo, or he could have been copycat or an admirer who was mentored or gleaned his own abilities from tagging along.

We were told that the orginal murderer and rapist had different dialects as in Spanish, and was so intelligent that he taunted police and would leave fake information and evidence to mislead. That brings to the question of, if someone who tied elaborate knots, and was associated with DeAngelo, would that person be bright enough to leave evidence pointing to DeAngelo?

Who Is East Area Rapist Suspect Joseph James DeAngelo?

Who Is Joseph James DeAngelo? ... DeAngelo married Sharon Huddle in Placer County on November 10, 1973. They divorced in 1991. Time as a Police Officer.
It simply does not make any sense in how a husband with children, could be out prowling around all night, in coming and going, with nosy neighbors as DeAngelo's neighbors knew all about him in watching him, that he could at the height of this terror, not had one of the neighbors phoning the police and saying, "Hey I got this neighbor who is never at home at night and is coming and going at odd hours, and he disappears when these rapes are taking place".

The law enforcement and media can concoct all types of scenarios, but those scenarios do not match every attack and the reality that victims thought another person was present at times in the shadows.

Time may never tell what all is taking place here, but in all this euphoria, the evidence points to others involved in this, and those others are either in prison, still at large or in the grave.

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