Sunday, April 29, 2018

Meg Kinnard AP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This amusing back wash Sunday in a Tennessee raised girl who turned into a South Carolina reporter for AP, dared Do the Palin, in calling out the self righteous DC clique of the White House correspondents dinner, who according to Tell All Hillary Clinton Books, have all been laid by the Secret Service, for being what they are in pricks and cunts.

This would be Meg Kinnard, who auditioned very well as the independent journalist saying her job in Reagan Blue State America is harder to do in reporting, because when Washington media smears Trump, Christians, Republicans, Veterans, Patriots, people in Conservative States will not talk to a reporter for a story.

Kinnard did a great DIA job in filling her resume, as she is a heavy hitter. One does not come out of Georgetown without her kind of credentials and not having been noticed by the deep state for future grooming. She has all the guns in a face for television and the propaganda that she loves doing her job even with people she disagrees with.
If you look at the press pool photo of zombie she is grouped with, you can discern that she is the one who is going to float to the top while the rest will be engaged with hairy shemales after a fifth of tequila only to awaken the next morning to discover it was a sheep dog named Bart.

Meg Kinnard | Associated Press Journalist | Muck Rack

Meg Kinnard is a political and legal affairs reporter for The Associated Press. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, she grew up in a political family and received a BSFS in International Politics from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., with a concentration in ...

I think we need some background music for this, so it is time to sing or just hum, as what is a Lame Cherry post without hot women and good tunes to ponder the experience here on the Popular Girl Page.

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In forensic psychology Meg Kinnard accomplished a wonderful insight again though into the fleshbots of the left, who Twitmeld her, because she is attractive and their genitals drip for her, only to the point that she purrs about how kitty they are and claws at how evil Trump and Americans are.

The Twitchy tweets are a perfect insight to her followers and their "What is Truth" delusions. From a Christian Conservative experience, these leftists have been beating up, smearing, mocking and destroying God, Guns and Family, for 50 years in media, and the people on the right were supposed to just take it, from Nixon having a coup run against him, to Reagan being smeared and destroyed by Bush fam for the left, having frauds like McCain, Romney, McConnell and Ryan foisted on the right, and we were supposed to join in on the Political Rape of Sarah Palin and other women of the right by Obama Inc. When the right refused from the base up to agree to the left setting the standards, that they got to fight dirty, and we had to fight fair, that is where this eruption occurred in the thought police unleashed.
In 2008, thee entire right was terrified to use the name Nigger. They refused to call the left out as communists. They cowered, but this blog began taking the keyboard ground back in posting non stop words and phrases beyond the boundaries. I used to get notes all the time about my use of the word AFROID, which I coined for the leftist Blacks. When I refused to back down, the left just disappeared and soon the left discovered that this Popular Girl hammers Mr. President just as hard when he does not keep his promises, as I have been down this Bush path before in being told to wait for the next election and to accept the fraud policies. I simply will not be played for patience again.

Maybe you should just report what we tell you to.
We think folks missed her point entirely.
But what else is new?
Did this person really just blame the media for Hillary’s loss?
You know this gal is a hoot at birthday parties.
Yes, it’s the GOP’s fault the media is falling apart.
That’s adorbs.

 Meg Kinnard was a nice distraction. It helped her stock go up. It helped isolate the Ivory Tower whores who spread eagle to get that White House gig and it produced a narrative of Us and Them in Donald John was in Michigan gaining traction again as his rhetoric actually has some footing now, and  it is Kim Jong Un's nukes who are about to be used by Donald John Trump to nuke his political adversaries.

This blog was sincere in Donald Trump for the Nobel Prize and I am pleased it caught traction after it was posted here, because Donald Trump gets a treaty now in North Korea, he shows up everyone from Bush41 to Bushman Obama44 as a failure. Donald Trump gets a Nobel Prize and no one will be able to impeach him. He will become the Neo Republicrat Party which Meg Kinnard will be able to support as that is what this is all about.
I should have something more on this, this coming week, but as this teaser, the Lame Cherry is telling you that I am not in favor of Webster Tarpley's revelation of the GOP being a 3rd rate party and replaced, especially as what is being set up is that Erick Erickson as the new John Bircher of sewage cesspool sensations of #NeverTrumpers.

Yes carnivore Meg...........

Coon Meat Cooked Like You Meant To

......along with her large comforting breasts.

Large comforting breasts are so much more nurturing in political propaganda

Meg gets Ivanka's plastic doc and she will be top rung. Might even trade up to Don jr., and be First Babe in the White House.

 Just call me the political matchmaker.

Let's sing.......

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