Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Let us Trump Clap for MEGA

Here, have all the free American oil,
you sodomite European socialists can suck on,
as Americans rot in their dreams being destroyed 
Make Europe Great Again 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Headlines clapping Donald Trump in sticking it to OPEC and Russia by selling American oil to Europeans, WHICH IS STICKING IT TO AMERICANS WORSE AS ONLY THE LAME CHERRY HAS EXPOSED.


American Gas Prices Up 75 Cents a Gallon under Donald Trump

American Gas Prices under Donald John Trump spiked 75 cents a Gallon

This is all so  absolutely frustrating in Donald Trump rewarded the oil barons in thee worst swindle of Americans since the last Obama oil swindle in shutting down Gulf drilling and pumping. It is beyond shortsighted as Trumps gas price spikes is killing MAGA as you can not have a recovery as this blog noted when impoverishing Americans in this type of robbery.

 Donald John said there is no reason for oil price spikes. Yes there is, it is because his selling to Europeans to get Russia to fork over their billions to be looted in Wall Street, shorted thee American markets so they spiked the gas and natural gas prices, along with the HAARP hurricanes steered into Texas and Florida to cause refinery shortages, which have never dropped.
These are Donald John's buddies in crime and his talk is doing nothing at all, as he is responsible for this rapine as he signed  the bills to sell American oil to Europe and was too dense to figure out that this would gouge Americans, and if he was that intelligent, then he didn't give a damn, because he was fulfilling the DIA's orders to keep putting pressure on Russia.

The fact is Ronald Reagan dropped oil prices, sold American fur to South Korea and that is what geared the Reagan recovery from the ground up. Donald Trump has raised oil prices by selling to Europe, creating over a million new gas burners a year in his Trump Visa Vermin legally imported into America, and Mr. President has created zero market in natural renewable resources........instead he bans African hunting and the wife bans the wearing of fur from the White House. IT IS ALL CONNECTED and there will not be a recovery a this blog first predicted because Donald Trump signed off on the looting of American energy.

The only thing Donald Trump will do is MEGA, MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN. So glad he is in Europe brushing dandruff off that faggot pedo Macron of France. As that is something that really needs to be done as Americans languish in the burgeoning Trump Super Depression.


This blog is thee ONLY MEDIA fighting for your pieces of the economic pie. All the other clappers grin like apes picking shit off their asses, claiming it is Trump Brand dates in healthy snacks.

Lawrency Kudlow doesn't know shit from shinola in putting a Reagan Conservative face on this piracy.

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