Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Trump: Art of the Korea

Hello I am the gorgeous sister of  Dear Leader Kim Jong Un,
soon I will have billions of dollars as an oligarch to donate to the 
poor of South Korea and you will cherish both my brother and myself.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Piece of cake, slice of North Korea, why don't you just 
become the godfather of Korean mining 

Donald John: Dictator Xi, won't you have some moist and melting morsel of beautiful chocolate cake?

Xi: Why I believe I would like some of that beautiful chocolate cake.

Donald John: While I cut you this piece, how about I cut you the entire mining rights in North Korea for a trillion dollars in rare earth elements?

Xi: Say I think I would like that instead of ice cream for my cake.

Donald John: Yes would it not be beautiful to have Pyongyang become a Peking oligarch state in the image of China...........

You just have a brief glimpse of what not even Hillary Clinton voter and Trump golfing buddy Chris Ruddy is not aware of in his Newmax posting on the realities of Trump Talks with North Korea

Road to N. Korea's Denuclearization Is Littered with Failure

Herbert McMaster trying to start a nuclear war with North Korea for a year, was but a cover for what Donald Trump was really engaged in, in his Art of  the Deal. See Donald John is a business man, He understands that business is amoral. All people are concerned about is the color green. You either have green with envy or the color of money in green, Everyone wants the cash, so you find a way to make everyone sell their souls and  everyone will agree to anything.

The Pyongyong deal on the burner has been Mike Pompeo of the CIA's baby all along in back door negotiations. McMaster was trying to nuke the world and Trump let that predicate the conversation as he was busy dealing with Xi of China. Xi is as human as  the next father of nations, and he would like nothing better than to make North Korea a profitable client state which would be exploited by Peking. The way this works is Kim Jong Un finds how much a trillion dollars will buy of his soul and he gets paid the royalties as a Korean oligarch system of the powerful elite is initiated in North Korea. South Korea get's a share in providing technology, China does the mining, Russia gets involved in transportation and the West buys the rare earth elements.
All Donald Trump is doing is what HW Bush did with Peking in taking a non electric society and gave them money to exploit their own people, and transformed them into a top heavy hulking giant.


Yes a trillion dollars is a happy price for a soul


Just like in all things Trump, everyone gets a bribe so everyone is happy.

Like all things Kim, this is an issue of Kim having an issue of discovering ways to swerve out of the way to keep his word in things he agreed to. This is none of my concern, and living in the future, it is the reality of posting what is really taking place in the Kim Trump summit. It is a good deal if it works in nations keeping their word and a bad deal if anyone breaks the agreement.

That really did not take that long to lay out another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, so I would presume the rich people would now have time to make big donations to make up for all the time they spent not donating here, as an oversight of course, as they always meant to, but being rich is such a burden that things get in the way of doing good works like donating, as it is a toil to care for that much money every day.

With that, Nuff Said.


It is a great deal, we become globalist like China, get to keep our heads,
they do the work mining, we live like kings and they invest all our money for us
at great profits.........