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Minnesota Pleads Self Defense in Murdering Women in their Jammies

Kangaroo Courts for Minnesota 3rd World Vermin Exoneration


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Bill shared this with me and I just can not understand why Jihad Watch is making an issue of the Somali law enforcement terrorists in Minneapolis,Muhamed Noor, who gunned down a blonde, Caucasian, Australian woman, named Justine Damond last year, is not correctly pleading self defense from this dangerous unarmed woman.


In researching this defense, it is entirely a righteous shooting when one understands the terror a Somali has of a White Woman. Here we have an armed Somali male in the middle of the night, being charged as he sat in his police car, by a woman dressed in her bed clothes. Obviously, the defense will plead that Justine Damond intended to rape this Muslim to death and he shot this Oz gal, in order to save his life.

List of phobias | Phobia Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Animal phobias Acinonyxphobia - fear of cheetahs (branch of zoophobia), ... Mamillaphobia, Thelephobia - fear of nipples Mammophobia - fear of mammary glands

Then again, I looked up a reality in this Somali probably suffered from MAMMOPHOBIA, a fear of nipples. Justine Damond had nipples, and when this Muslim saw them protruding at him, he went into a panic, pulled his gun and gut this woman to save himself from Australian nipples.
It is obvious the White Officer had no such fear of nipples and the White Officer knew being safely locked away in his cruiser that he was not going to be pulled out of the window to be raped to death or that Justine Damond was going to crawl in the cruiser and rape him to death either.

Again though, Mark Dayton's pet Muslim might have suffered from, labiaphobia, in the Muslim was terrified of this woman's vagina.

Eurotophobia - urethra fear, vagina fear, clitoris fear ...

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Then there is the real fear of a real story which is on Wikipedia, which tells of a folk tale of a woman's vagina having teeth and biting off male penis. Yes that scrawny Muslim could have thought Justine Damond was going to make a cock snack out of his little Somali.

Vagina dentata - Wikipedia

Vagina dentata (Latin for toothed vagina) describes a folk tale in which a woman's vagina is said to contain teeth, with the associated implication that sexual intercourse might result in injury, emasculation, or castration for the man involved.

Perhaps the Somali terrorist had a real fear of Australians, yes there is Australphobia.

Phobia Dictionary - Comprehensive list and info about phobias ...

Australophobia, Novahollandiaphobia - Fear of Australia, Australians, Australian ... fears of eating in public etc. Specific phobias - fear of a single ...

Or maybe the Muslim had a fear of blondes, and that is so terrifying that there is not even a phobia named for it.

So you see in liberal Minneapolis that a Somali Muslim lives in terror all the time, of being raped to death or having vulva anxieties of labia with teeth or just plain old blonde women. Imagine how much poor Muhamed suffered in fear of Marilyn Monroe popping up on the television late night and allah help if a Spic and Span commercial was run and he mistook a mop head for Ellen DeGeneres.

Jihad Watch should know better than to make an example of Minnesota law as how can anyone judge blacks, muslims, immigrants and law enforcement and in Muhamed Noor, you have the entire affirmative action package......if he wore women's undies, he would be untouchable.


I can hear the Johnny Cochran defense now, IF IT HAS A CLIT, YOU MUST ACQUIT!!!", because this Somali was living in fear of his life..........

Let us return for a moment to the reality of that night in Justine Damond reported a brutal rape in the ally behind her home and cops refuse to roll to it. Let us remember that Somali terror gangs had been ambushing Minneapolis PD. Let us remember that Noor was jacking around with the Muslims, so he probably went in wide eyed terror thinking this was a Somali gang set up like in Somalia and they were going to kill him. None of that is justifiable homicide, a righteous shooting or self defense, because a WHITE WOMAN IN HER JAMMIES AND ROB is not a Black Somali in a woolen stench covering with plumes of odor wafting off of it like heat waves.

Do not forget in this, that the White Officer did NOT pull his weapon and was not in fear of anything. It was this 3rd world vermin in Minnesota who pulled his weapon, shot across the White Officer, about blew his ear drums out, missed his head and heart by 6 inches, and gut shot a woman in her robe, STANDING IN HER DRIVE WAY.

The question in this as this IS AN INTERNATIONAL CRIME, involving Somali Muslims, murdering an Australian national inside the Minneapolis Muslim Ghettos, in where is Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but absent again, as the Department of Justice should have filed first degree murder charges with full prosecution to execute this Somali when convicted, as this was murder, gangland Somali murder in an American city.

Instead, we have this kangaroo court in Minneapolis which is coddling this Muslim on various charges with no appropriate penalty, which now has allowed  a plea which was not on the table, as you get to plead guilty or not guilty to murder and manslaughter, not SELF DEFENSE. Self Defense is what the District Attorney determines in lethal cases, not the person who killed someone else.

Making a mockery of this in the press to expose the mockery of what is taking place in Minnesota is the only means to keep a focus upon this as what is taking place is absolutely ludicrous.

In the 3rd world they have all sorts of ways to murder people legally, and that includes because they are wearing their jammies in the dark. If this was Eric Holder at the DOJ, and it was a black killed in self defense by a Latino George Zimmerman, all hell would have come down on the person pulling the trigger, because a black got killed. But as this is a White Woman, Jeff Sessions sits there and allows this coddling of Muhamed Noor to continue in mocking American justice.

Shooting Australian nationals in their jammies is no self defense. It is murder and the State of Minnesota and City of Minneapolis is criminally responsible for putting a weapon into this 3rd world animal's hands, and he is what President Theodore Roosevelt noted of Africans 100 years ago, in they had not been civilized enough to THINK out in any situation, and only reacted like an animal would.
The White Officer in the cruiser proved that. He kept his composure while the Black Somali struck out like a leopard cub pawing at the shadows in the dark.


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