Saturday, April 28, 2018

American Soldiers using Children as Human Shields?

Remember kids when the Russians come,
you stay on top of the tank as we fire at them..

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I am still puzzling over the following news articles concerning the European and American Armies deployed in Europe to counter Russia, which concerning the hysteria in America over AR 15 rifles, as to what is taking place in the prelude to World War IV.

"One should take steps to gradually abolish national armies in favor of a European army. The EU has more soldiers than the United States […]. So, we could spend significantly less money on the military, if we would do the spending properly."
First up in this, we have the most attractive German Defense Ministress, Ursula von der Leyen, who works for Mad Cow Merkel. Germany this year is spending 450 million Euros on upgrading their "army", which appears to be an army on paper as it has old jets that won't fly and no one in the military.

The German army has been repeatedly said to be suffering equipment and staff shortages.
Among other things, the Bundeswehr is to receive new rocket launchers, rescue helicopters and transport aircraft. The list, among many other things, also includes a leasing contract for Israeli Heron TP drones.


That is ok as Germany is going to rent Jewish drones to do something in Europe which no one knows what, but the good news is the Germans have their priorities right in they are spending almost a million dollars on pregnant uniform testing.

"While the majority of the Bundeswehr's equipment is not operational, von der Leyen is dedicated to the development of uniforms for pregnant female soldiers. A test of 500 uniforms in different sizes and characteristics struck with 650,000 euros to book, from the field clothing on service suits to tights,” Mr. Pazderski was quoted as saying on April 4 by an official party press release.

“Who sends pregnant women to war? The minister [Ursula von der Leyen] still sets the wrong priorities,” the deputy AfD chairman added.

The Americans answering the German advance in military might, which has Germans calling for instead the 2017 mandated European Army which would be cheaper to run, as Europe together has more soldiers than America, according to the Europeans, including Germany fielding an army of pregnant German girls, probably impregnated by Muslim rape cock.
Thee Americans though have been ploughing through the Russian border states of the Baltics and appeared in Poland, where the Americans were peppering smiling Polish children with gravel shrapnel off their own playgrounds as they are buzzed by US war helicopters as the Americans use the children as human shields.

It evolves better from the New York Times in this photo, where children are handed over real assault weapons at their schools.


Just why it is Donald Trump is deploying Americans Soldiers blasting children in Poland with gravel and handing out assault weapons, while bitching about children in American having firearms and calling for a weapon's ban, as Melania bans furs from the White House, endangering American wildlife, is a mystery.

The mystery deepens in this, as Obama deployed all of America's tanks to Poland, and Donald Trump has fulfilled this with road trips all through Europe, as the Poles who Donald John is selling all of America's gas to in driving up prices for Americans, is the Poles seem to have a death wish, in somehow these former communists are getting US fatigues, full uniforms and dressing up in them, while they wheel their 3 year olds up ramps of attack vehicles.

Mr. Matuzak, 59, a former border guard during the communist years in Poland, was wearing a smart set of American camouflage fatigues. But he expressed surprise when asked if he had dressed up especially for the occasion.
“I wear these all the time,” he said. “I just happened to be riding by when I saw the helicopters.”
Marcelina Klimczak-Bolewicz pushed her 8-month-old daughter, Paula, in a covered stroller up the ramp of one of the Stryker vehicles while her 3-year-old son, Karol, casually inspected the heavy armaments.

There is the word ally, and then there is a nation apparently auditioning to start a world war for Zbigniew Brzezinski's "Greater Poland" which will annex Russia.

So in review of what Donald John with his junta have America involved in, is it is ok to have assault weapons in the hands of Polish kids, but not Americans of any age, and to be turning Poland into a militant state ready to die to start a global war, while Germany's defense spending is to field an army of pregnant women.

 I like the Americans as they gave me a box 
of grenades for when the Russians come.....