Sunday, April 8, 2018

More than Gold Stars for Syria

I really want a policy to give out more gold stars like I have Mr. President

‘President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible’ Trump Blames Putin, ‘Animal Assad’ and Obama after Deadly Syrian Chemical Attack

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was just a week ago that the Russian government that another fake chemical weapon's attack in Syria was about to take place, as in the Obama and Trump fake chemical weapons pronouncements

Cue the Chemical Weapons Stunt in Syria - Sputnik International
11 hours ago - This weekend's alleged chemical-weapon attack on civilians in Syria has all the hallmarks of a false-flag propaganda stunt. ... For the past two months, the Syrian government and Russian military intelligence have been warning that such a false flag event involving chemical weapons was imminent.

Now on schedule, another chemical weapon's attack appears in Syria, on the heals of Theresa May's MI6 chemical weapon's attack on Russian traitors in England.

President Trump Warns Of ‘Big Price To Pay’ In Syria After Chemical Weapons Attack

Russia is now warning the United States to not strike Damascus. The same United States which turned over US Soldiers to Tel Aviv command, and the same Tel Aviv which has been touching off uprisings in Gaza as a backdrop in all of this.

This is all about a deal worked out with Jared Kushner. It is about Gaza and Southern Lebanon in Hezbollah. Those are the catalyst points to invoke a carte blanche strike on Iran.

I have not inquired on this as I have been running with the bit in my mouth too long and the damage is done.

You don't get it in Korea is about buying off China so China can annex Siberia which she is moving on, as America cripple the bear. One can bomb on fake chemical weapons, but it will require something more substantial for the big show.

Russia warns against attacking Damascus, says West is lying
Moscow accuses the United States of wanting to interfere in Russia's presidential election and of concocting fake news about a pending Syrian chemical strike ... A Kremlin official speaking with Al-Monitor not for attribution said, “The mounting information warfare on Russia, be it [about] Ghouta or the new [poisoned] spy ...