Monday, April 30, 2018

Naughty White House Reporter Beaten With Own Balls

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Wasn't Jon Stewart the magnate of liberal journalism awhile back on a thing called a comedy show and that is why liberals think that comedians are journalists and Jimmy Kimmel thinks his comedic journalism comes from the mount?

I am asking these questions as I honestly, never have seen Jon Stewart and turned off Jimmy Kimmel about the time he was dating that rancid Jew girl who liked talking about her humorous abortions, so that is the basis of this in the stories on Michelle Wolf, who is now featured in the press as a horrid journalist as  her comedy is not funny.
......No I do not get the funny journalists part, but then I have taste.

Anyway Michelle Wolf decided in decency it was humorous to do Jew jokes about holocaust ovens, in how sooty eye make up makes a woman look sexy. Wolf said Sarah Huckabee Sanders burns her fat in some sort of cannibalism for eye shadow mascara. I don't get the comedy of that, but then I don't pop in Jew concentration camp mass grave footage for a laugh with the Three Stooges.

So I thought I would see who Michelle Wolf was as she must be gorgeous to be making catty remarks about another woman.

This is Michelle Wolf.

That actually is a million dollar make up photo of her. This is Michelle Wolf. In this one, I think the comedy is looking like a dead woman, whose life was destroyed by cancer in Gilda Radner. I do not again see what is funny about having your uterus eaten by cancer, but then I am not a liberal.

Here is  another one of Michelle Wolf, dressed up as Little Orphan Annie. All I could do was see her immense thighs which made me want to throw up in how disgusting they are.

As a reference point, this is Michelle Pfieffer, who is an attractive woman who has thighs that would not compete with whale blubber  to drop market prices when rendered out.

Any way this is what comedian journalists of the left thought about Michelle Wolf about using human remains as eye shadow.

Washington Post:
ABC News:
NBC News:
The Associated Press:
The New York Times:
Even the White House's sometimes chief foe, POLITICO:

What I have to sort out though is Wolf chose two amusing jokes, one hinted at how funny burning Jews up for cosmetics was when Nazi's did it and the other was calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders a Nigger.

“I’m never really sure what to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you know?” Wolf went on. “Is it Sarah Sanders? Is it Sarah Huckabee Sander? Is it Cousin Huckabee? Is it Auntie Huckabee Sanders? Like, what is Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? I know… Aunt Coulter.”

This is difficult, because we  don't have any queers, Muslims or Mexicans involved in this, as that would be easy as the homosexual is always top tier, but things get sticky on that Jew thing now with the Kushners and Kayne West bro crushing on Donald Trump. Maybe that was the deal a Jews and Nigs are on the outs with liberals, that it was ok to use them, because calling Huckabee Sanders a lezbo or harem girl would have been a compliment.

I used to think comedy was supposed to make you laugh, but leftists just insult people and laugh about it, like the kids who used to slap retard kids and have fun for hours.

James Woods has it wrong though in why liberals trash Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It has nothing to with her having admirable qualities.

It has to do with Huckabee Sanders cutting the balls off of these White House reporters and beating the female liberal reporters with them. See these women have had these balls injecting cum into them for the whores they are, and it pisses them off they gave it up to such girly guys.

Seriously, how would you like to be haunted 24 hours a day knowing your uterus was scorched by Jim Acosta's rancid spew and there is no way to wash that off and Sarah Huckabee Sanders reminds these liberals of it every moment.

........and think of the colons on the males who got bunged by the girly guys that Sarah is beating up every day.

........and think of the jealousy in these liberal like Sarah being the Dom and they like the masochism .......and they are asking each other to play, "Naughty White House Reporter Bitch Whipped by White House Spokeswoman."

You wonder how many sex deviants Wolf  has been with that have all called out SARAH and not Michelle as they ask Michelle to talk in that Arkansas accent.

Uh huh, you know that is what is behind this and only the Lame Cherry will tell you.

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