Monday, April 30, 2018

It is very hard to warm to the John McCain's.

Yeah he married her for love just like McCain married
for a Budweiser distributorship in Arizona.

Ooppss second wife.........

Christine Kilma (m. 2010)
 Meghan McCain (m. 2017).

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was just watching Hogan's Heroes where Newkirk's line was to a Gestapo Major who said he shot people, "I find it hard to warm to this person", and that line came to me as I was reading a story on Faithwire playing the violin's of sympathy for John McCain.

John hugged me tonight. He asked me to take care of Meghan. I said I would,” Domenech, who married Meghan McCain last November, wrote. “Fuck you soulless crazies. Fuck you all the way to hell.”

That sounds a bit Bi Polar or Asperger as one type it is pity me an orphan of a guy who croaks from cancer and I get millions of dollars in inheritance for banging his fat daughter and the next he is F'ing the entire planet to hell.
Is sort of difficult to warm to these people.

The expletive-laced tweet, sent just after 8 p.m. Arizona time on Saturday, was deleted later that evening. It is unclear if Domenech’s comments were in reference to that evening’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, during which host Michelle Wolf took cheap, crude shots at various right-wing politicians and staffers.

Conbot Ben Domenech

I had to look up who the son in law is, and sure enough he was a #NeverTrumper pinky boy,  that looked like Erick Erickson and that fringe ilk that keeps Red Stating around. What is it with these pinky boys with whiskers? They all look like they are auditioning for diabetes and heart disease.

It is the lack of self control in these Conbots though that amazes me. They get fired and go F bombing all over their accounts in tantrums and then delete things. They get people not weeping for them and they go F bomb.

If I  was a betting woman, I would bet the comment was not against liberals, as McCain fam loves liberals. This was aimed at the hyenas. Put it this way in John McCain has degraded certain Americans, lied to them about how he would vote, betrayed them and has been nothing but an arrogant bastard. It is normal for people who have been abused to go nip at the lion's heals when he is dying and for the cubs to get testy that their meal ticket is not being respected.

The Alt Right trolls probably tweeted stuff like, "Good riddance when McCain goes tits up" and "You better take care of Megs as the food stamps can't afford to feed that hay bill for that cow".

The fact is Ben Domenech is a pathetic troll who has to take to a public post to whore for John McCain's horrid reputation, and expects that touching propaganda is going to write the epitaph for McCain, and no one will remember what a prick he is, all the while Domenech needs to bleeding heart in public for attention.

This is the John McCain who got better with cancer to vote in more  rationed death in Obamacare killing Americans. This is the John McCain who had the magical leg brace which kept switching legs. Now this last bit from  the cleavage showing Faithwire reporter in Carly Hoilman, as cleavage always helps religious things, as we all know the verse, blessed is the cleavage for their prayers are heard first.

Religious cleavage is the  key to good reporting.

Where was I? Oh yeah John McCain was released from the hospital while being in the hospital.  Nothing about John McCain ever made any sense as the stories never are kept straight.

Sen. McCain was released from the hospital following surgery last week and has been in “stable” condition at the Mayo Clinic, according to his family and Senate office. But Domenech’s emotional comments serve as a reminder of the six-term senator’s tenuous state of health.

I don't will any evil on John McCain nor hurt to his family. They are self inflicting enough daily as they just can not get away from what they are delusional, shallow, despots who have grande opinions of themselves.  It will make a number of people's day the day that John McCain is dead. That probably is the best service he will have ever done to this country. If the McCain Group does not like how people are reacting, then perhaps they should have sown a great more genuine good will toward the mob, instead of insulting them while selling them beer.

The McCains should just accept the compliment of this is the nation of their 1% richness has created in the 99% they stole from is not going to accept McCain's going to the crypt with national mourning, but with cheers, jeers and the humans made hyenas taking great pleasure worrying the corpse a bit just for sport.

In 2006, Domenech was hired as a blogger by The Washington Post, but resigned three days later after accusations of plagiarism in prior work.

Then again, profanity is only allowed if you are a self righteous McCain.

Meghan McCain Thinks Saturday's Marches Had Too Many Swears ...

'The View's' Meghan McCain lashes out at Parkland student David Hogg for using profanity to attack the NRA.

It is really hard to warm to these McCain's.

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