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Pardon Me Cuz I Is A Curry Nig With Benefits

 It was my perv penis not me that did it.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The hypocrisy of the Pet State Right has risen to new heights in the begging for a pardon of Dinesh D'Souza who actually was making crooked campaign donations........er  to curry influence with Republicans as in buying candidates.
When someone is a rude, smarmy, plagiarist as D'Souza is, and the decides to flip the FBI the bird in breaking finance laws, as he snake oil makes a fortune off of filleting Birther Hussein Obama, he should expect to end up in prison because HE BROKE THE LAW.

Was D'Souza targeted? Sure he was, but so was Rod Blogojevich who is  still in prison as an innocent man. The Governor actually deserves a pardon as it would set off the Obama folks in exposing their persecutions of people who resisted Obama in their own party.

D’Souza was prosecuted in a very public manner, then convicted of a felony. His otherwise liberal attorney was flabbergasted at the outrageous conduct of the federal judge presiding over the case. There was no reason for D’Souza to be sent up the river like that. None. Four years later, Congressional investigations have discovered a criminal dossier on D’Souza, which included special directions for the FBI to go after him because he was a frequent critic of the president.

There is a vast difference in Swammy D'Souza though than in the innocent Scooter Libby. D'Souza is a fraud. He was bought a fellowship as a Curry Nig to put some color into the white ranks. He knows nothing of Reagan or Americanism, except what he read in a book.
His rise to fame was being a flame thrower like Ben Shapiro is now, and his target then  was Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch who was frequently debating D'Souza on  the sins  of Islam where D'Souza was taking the Ann Coulter position of being a liberal.


D'Souza as CIA Bill Buckley's Pet Ethnic Troll

The only thing Donald Trump should do is send D'Souza back to the black hole of Calcutta. D'Souza came to America, and notched his belt by acquiring a nice blonde Catholic girl to sully up, dumped her when she figured out what D'Souza is  and he took up fornicating with another tar baby white girl to sully up.
You don't pardon shit like that. You make an example of it and ship it back to shit hole India.

 D'Souza's first good Catholic wife who he cheated on, has been scrubbed
from the internet.

As the President is in the mood for justifiable pardons to chisel at the Obama criminal regime, who better than a double pardon in Rod Blagojevich, and then in an agreement appoint him as a Special Ambassador to Eastern Europe to herd things there and give a voice to Slavs in the Russian situation. That is smart politics as Rod will probably be most vocal against democrats who screwed him over in the 2020 elections for Mr. Trump.
As the duo in this, Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin who challenged Obama birther status and was ruined by the regime. He paid his sentence which was all based in race, as Lakin had married an Asian woman, and this would be a perfect bone for liberals to gnaw on in the Obama birther issue again and a prize for the people of the right in Joe Arpiao who has the documents that Obama's abstract was a fraud.

Neither Blagojevich or Lakin broke any laws. They should be pardoned, while D'Souza was maneuvering to buy influence and that kind of shit is what has got America into the shit hole she is drowning in.


Another White girl D'Souza could not keep his cock out of
in cheating on his Catholic Wife. 

Pardon Me, President Trump, But Don’t Forget Dinesh D’Souza

Posted: Apr 17, 2018 12:01 AM

So Arthur Schaper can whore for a Dinesh D'Souza pardon which would only weaken President Trump's political position, but the facts remain that there is nothing in the situation of D'Souza that ever warranted a pardon or ever would.
The fact is most of what he made a fortune on was published in this blog months and years before he cashed in on it. D'Souza is a money whore politicist and those who defend him are the same group of money trolls and plagiarists who have always gleaned materials from emails and blogs as Rush Limbaugh made a career of.

D'Souza's latest sullying up notch post.

The reality is, if you want to be a Curry Nig, who gets a position bought for you, and then uses whore funds to try and buy politicians to curry favor, do not expect those on the RHINO right to like it, no more than the Obamaniacs liked it, as this is their game and they own the politics, so the end  result is when you engage in crimes in disrupting that monopoly you are going to end up in prison.

The word from President Trump on Dinesh D'Souza is DEPORT not pardon, while two perfect political pardons should be engaged in, in Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin and Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Scooter Libby received a pardon to curry favor with the Trump base and to set a precedent of pardons for Obama era persecutions of those on the right. That was Trump genius. There is nothing in D'Souza that deserves a pardon as he was a crook, and a mouthy arrogant, grubby 3rd world crook who sullied up nice girls. Of course he is going to be treated rough by the courts as that kind of disrespect gets you indicted and sentenced.

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