Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Protecing the Institution not the Constituion

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I am pondering how to express this concerning the reaction of agents in the FBI to the absolute degradation and high crimes which James Comey engaged in against the President, against Hillary Clinton, against the Government, against the People and against the 2016 elections, because three words describe 3 agents in their own words as troubled, shocking and salacious. all describing James Comey.

What is bothersome in this, is this is note the FBI which J Edgar Hoover founded, to protect the American System for a continuance of the American People. Hoover was deep state and was murdered by the deep state, but his actions were always for God, America and Apple Pie when it came to the FBI in unleashing it.

The Robert Mueller Cult which now is the FBI reflects Mueller in the DOJ and FBI can do no wrong, and can police themselves. It is an allegiance to institution instead of the Constitution. We see this schism in Robert Mueller,  Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray. There is an almost absolute blindness in these individuals, and it the "type" which is the FBI in the three agents comments below addressing James Comey.

When the Lame Cherry says "type", it is forensic psychology, in there is a psychological test, psychological profile and examinations all designed to only accept primates who think the same. That is why one gets this "mind speak" of agents shocked that James Comey is this reprehensible character who is a political sociopath.  For reference in this, Robert Mueller and James Comey have overseen thee worst degradation of the FBI in history. Agents are murdering, raping, stealing, doping, threatening etc... and that all translates back to the "type" that the FBI only hires. The same FBI which turns out completely professional agents, is the same FBI which turns out these loose cannons. Cannons who raided Paul Manafort's home in a pre dawn raid where someone could have gotten killed, agents who were unleashed by Robert Mueller to raid Michael Cohen's office, home and apartment, agents who murdered LaVoy Finicum, agents who advocated the framing and murder of the Bundy family and patriots, as  this blog has stated, there is something wrong with a psychological profile which allows in individuals with these types of primal aggressive misbehavior.

As I have tried to point out, all the state highway patrols in America follow the same profile. They march in lock step, robbing people out of state in fraud stops where the charge is whatever will net the most revenue for this police state criminal enterprise. The system of hiring only law abiding Citizens to protect and serve, is a system that hires the amoral whose psyches turn off the right and wrong switch once the badge is put on.

Of course none of the agents below ever had a problem with James Comey or other law enforcement as it is a closed group which protects itself. Let a Michael Flynn enter that arena with an  Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok on the loose and he is framed for bias, but a Hillary Clinton can do not any wrong as she is a reward system to the system.
That is why Comey never was the necessary stop gap against Birther Hussein Obama, who admitted he was a British subject, but that "expired". That can not expire as that means one is not natural born, but Comey like the entire DOJ swept it under the rug.

“I’m troubled by the timing of the book and some of the content that has been reported because I think it diminishes him” former assistant director of the FBI Ron Hosko tells TheDC. Hosko took particular exception with Comey’s detailed description of President Donald Trump’s appearance, including his likely use of tanning goggles, his hand size, and the length of his ties.
“To me that kind of salacious commentary diminishes Jim Comey, raises more questions about his true desire here,” Hosko continued. He added that Comey is a “carrier of the FBI brand” and is making the job of current FBI Director Wray much more difficult.

Ron Hosko is troubled that a book was released to expand a coup against a sitting President. He is worried about the FBI brand, but what about the nation which has been politically raped by this police state for years.
How does it feel to be a Christian, Veteran, Patriot and the Clintons placed these Americans on terror watch lists, and the FBI did not disavow it. How does it feel, because the FBI agents are not placed on lists, so how would they know how the public feels?

Robert Anderson, former executive assistant director of the FBI, noted to TheDC that he believes Comey is a “good man” that he “loved working for him” but expressed concern over his decision to speak about an ongoing investigation.
“Usually you don’t have anybody in the FBI talking about ongoing investigations,” Anderson said, adding that “if Jim says something in one interview, then says something in his book thats different, then gives a different version of it in another interview, and they use him as a witness which I’m sure they will, then that could become a problem” for the Russia investigation.
Anderson continued that “the biggest thing that bothers me about the interview itself is that Jim is talking about some of the issues he discussed with the President in confidence, thats a little shocking…that the former head of the FBI would do that.”

Robert Anderson as stated found James Comey a good man. Of course he was a good man to those of the Mueller cult. Mr. Anderson should reckon though if he had come out for Donald Trump while an FBI agent, just to how good of a man he would find James Comey then in this political assassination cartel.

Former FBI special agent and 25-year veteran Jack Garcia was particularly scathing after Comey’s interview. “This man has tarnished that position by offering positions and attacking the President of the United States,” he declared to TheDC, adding that it was “insane” for the former FBI director to offer an opinion on whether the Russian government had compromising information on Trump.
“Our mission and our job is only to state the facts, we don’t state opinions,” he declared, joking that “opinions are like assholes, everybody has one” and that “I am in touch with a lot of agents both current and former, they’re just shaking their heads.”

Jack Garcia is correct that Comey is mad, but again, Mr. Garcia never comprehends the criminal mindset of the people who were not filtered out of the FBI psychological testing. There is no information that Comey raped or murdered anyone, but we know he stole documents from the FBI, we know he leaked information illegally and we know for certain that James Comey betrayed the confidence of White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly when Kelly phoned him protesting Trump firing him. James Comey will ruin anyone to gain judicial fodder for his crusade.

Nom de Deus, the FBI is shaking it's head at James Comey,  and this same FBI just raided the offices of the personal attorney of the President on a Robert Mueller witch hunt which crossed state lines, and the FBI with Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray agreed to this violation of attorney client privilege. This is the same FBI which has been by the DOJ hauling attorneys into court to to make  them violate attorney client privilege.
That is what I shake my head about, as we always hear Hitler and the Nazi's ridiculed for never questioning orders, when in fact numbers did question Hitler's orders and were relieved of command for it. Yet in America when we have these travesties of Justice, there is not one FBI agent resigning nor is their a group of FBI agents standing up and saying ENOUGH. They instead are surprised that James Comey, the political sociopath is insane and violating the rule of law and elections.

There is not any surprise in anyone familiar with forensic psychology in a generational program of culling only one type for law enforcement that there is now an operational group who are quite psychotic in thinking there is not any law they can break, because they are the definition of the law.

Thee entire mindset of the FBI an Justice has a schism, and it refuses to acknowledge it has a sickness, a psychosis where 1000  of the agents are duty normal, but 5 out of these agents are blasting LaVoy Finicum and covering it up, and the entire Bureau is covering it all up.

There is something wrong with the FBI testing as the flaws are Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page etc... as they all rose to power on the rewards system of fellow travelers and persecuted those not like them, an Christopher Wray in stonewalling the Congress for months is of the same paranoia of "us against them".

The FBI testing must be examined, and all of these criminal agents profiled to discover what is missing, just as what is missing in highway patrol profiling which allows them to rob Citizens, as this is a huge problem and it cemented itself into place when Robert Mueller started replacing seasoned agents with young agents who would fill his cult.
Competent profilers must discover this weak link and eliminate it in the testing and for the short term, James Comey  and this entire group must be prosecuted and made examples of, to send a shock therapy all through Justice that this will not be tolerated as it is treason. This has to be rooted out and Christopher Wray is not the answer as he is a Mueller protege too and can not see the problems as he will protect the institution over the Constitution too.

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