Friday, April 13, 2018

Syrian Chess

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Donald Trump is a real miracle worker in he has done something which I did not think possible in Donald Trump is rehabilitating the failed Jimmy Carter, by bombing Syria over fake chemical weapons, in making President Carter the voice of reason in international diplomacy.

"I pray that he would keep our country at peace and not exaggerate or exacerbate the challenges that come up with North Korea, in Russia, or in Syria.
I hope he realizes very profoundly as I did, and as other presidents have done that any nuclear exchange could involve catastrophe for all human beings."

President Jimmy Carter

The reason Mr. President for the cartel engaged Macron and May is to season this as a three nuclear front against Russian counter attack, in other words, Russia now must nuke American assets, French and English, and in the exchange, would be crippled, and in the succeeding cancer called China be eaten alive by Chicom billions immigrating into Siberia and expanding to Moscow scorched earth.

In reading the disappointment in people calling this the beginning of nuclear world war annihilation, they are incorrect, as Russia will be measured as she always is, and her actions will take the form of a response on two fronts:

Front 1: Donald Trump just humiliated Vladimir Putin, which has weakened his standing for a coup, and will fuse a greater devotion from Russians as this will be viewed as a Trump attack upon every Russian. Vladimir Putin will be forced to respond in this for Russian national pride. If Mr. Putin is correct, he will go to the United Nations and denounce what just took place before the world. Putin must take the Reagan high moral ground.

Front 2: The FSB and military security services will seek to destabilize Europe with Muslim burnings and in the United States it would be attacking America, but not attacking America, but causing shortages of what America needs.

Vladimir Putin laid out the Putin Doctrine which Russia would respond with nuclear weapons if herself or her allies were attacked. In this, Mr. Putin made the direct first strike case against the United States with the emerging Russian hypsersonic nuclear arsenal and scorched earth cobalt bombs.

Russia will measure this before acting.  Russia has two factions of the hardliners for nukes and the Atlantic centrist of Peace at all Costs with America. Vladimir Putin is a scion of the KGB. The same Cold War responses have already been initiated to protest American aggression which began with the Clinton Era. This will include propositioning nuclear weapons in Europe and America for first strike. This will include penetrating the civilian and military infrastructures in the power, computer and communication grids. There will be a hardening of protocols and softening of positions before any actions are engaged in.
This will include intelligence withholding from Americans, including dissuading terrorists from not escalating a nuclear 9 11 attack upon America. To explain this simply, by the Syrian Gambit, Russia and Iran both understand that they are on the chopping block. It would behoove them if terrorists crippled the United States in a nuclear attack. The consequences being weighed that the attack would provide excuse to the United States to implement the Iranian strategy, but this would be understood that for Russia it would be more acceptable to fight the war removing from America her land bases in Europe by Muslim insurrection and humiliating the United States by securing the American bases and ammo depots. From a Moscow perspective, this would have to be coordinated with an economic meltdown in America or as stated a nuclear 9 11.
Syria will bring a Russian response which is already factored in this by those who coordinated this for Donald Trump. Trump had to prove that he would not back down to Putin's threats and now Vladimir Putin must prove that he can land successive punches FAB, France America and Britain.

What Donald Trump's gambit is, is to train Russia to obey and to send a message to North Korea that this is what awaits Kim Jong Un if he renigs on dismantling nuclear arms.  This is the first step in dislodging the Iranian connection in Syria for it's front against Jews by Hezbollah. Saudi Arabia is now deemed acceptable fodder for the Iranian escalation.

Mr. President's chess has obliterated the support of his base from 2016 as he fully intended to destroy the GOP. It is now a matter of the escalation which will follow as Donald Trump knows this and is why he acted to provoke this.

The Lame Cherry views this as one more action closer to the Temple being built and one day closer to Christ's return. Makes more sense why HAARP set off the blizzard bomb as a containment feature if Russia launched a first nuclear strike on American missile silos in Wyoming and North Dakota. See there is a pressing reason why HAARP is featured here.
This is not called flyover country, but killed over country.

Trade War, Oil War, RAD War and of course now the Chess War of nuclear nations as gambit.

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