Saturday, April 14, 2018

The 1100 pound Louse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Daisy has been looking forlorn the past couple of days, probably because I  have been giving her hell every day, as she is either bunting me, not getting into the barn, bending panels or a new discovery I made yesterday as that calf is clever.

One of the casualties of your evil, and yes there are evil people on this blog who are  as murderous as their father the devil, in a baby calf died, which TL and I invested 3 weeks caring for, on our living room floor. Three times a day feeding, turning four times, rubbing, moving legs, talking to her, and evil still prevailed.Of course calves come out of cows  and this ones mother I had to milk  to feed the baby calf.

She is a good little cow and has been taking on my personality, which means she playfully kicks at me, snorts at me, and likes her head rubbed. Animals with me are allowed to develop their true self governing character even if the neighbors probably hear me yelling at them in the learning curve of their extended boundaries.

In ranching, all livestock suffers from vermin or parasites, just like humans do in lice, grubs, worms etc... Every year with cattle, you have to have some type of insecticide pour on to keep them from being stressed as a million blood sucking lice is quite a drain on a cow.
I noticed this cow in the barn, like Belle was rubbing their hair off. Always a sign that lice are a problem on some animals, but as we were in  the ice age here in trying to get things done, I got behind again, but did get Daisy, Belle, and several animals I could get close to and not so close poured with a generic Ivomec, which is about all that is available now as the real killers in Warbex was taken off the market, for pesticides they use on humans in Africa, because that is where the cartel profits are.

The thing is that cow was not rubbed so bad and then I poured her, and the next day she was worse, and the next day she had a two foot by 3 foot patch rubbed off. I was thinking I really had to pour her again as I had never witnessed anything like this. I was milking her and she looked fine, and there was not any darkened patches on her white hair which signaled lice, so I was feeling bad for her and just waiting to see what to do as I did not want to overdose her.

So I have to water Daisy and Belle in the same place as this cow on a daily basis. This cow likes sipping her water. It usually takes 15 minutes for her to drink as she sips, looks around, sips, moves around, sips, drinks, thinks about things and 15 minutes gets that done.
Nice part about Belle and Daisy as I usually got some phrase screamed at them about drinking as they get things done, instead of pricking around all day.

So these three were together yesterday and that is when I spotted Daisy being what I thought was a cow bully, and then noticed she pulled a wad of fur off that cow and ate it. That calf has a penchant for eating things she has no business eating, and in that moment I knew why that cow looked shorn  as Daisy the hair trimmer had been busy.
The thing is, that cow must have been by that panel inside the barn and allowed Daisy to pull hair off of her. It could have been itchy or it was just that herd animals do lick each other, but at that moment I knew my louse was five and half foot tall Jersey named Daisy, and I know very well why she is pouting and raising hell all the time, is because she sees me doing things with this cow and I am Daisy's person. Daisy's person she head butts, bunts, kicks at and just frustrates numerous times. I will try and pet her some between snow, but those two birds when I was pouring them ran away from me like they were wild beasts of Africa and once it as done, they just stood there like they always do. It is what cattle are.

I have see horses chew manes and tails, but I have never seen a cow pluck another cow like a chicken and then eat the fur. Just a bit of information for the forever internet as someone will run across this, or someone will plagiarize this in some vet online and act the always expert.

The thought just came to me that maybe Belle the past two years in being lousy was not lice, but it has been Daisy trimming her up too. Barn calves are notorious for eating things they should not and being chronic fence creeper. Is a rare calf that comes out of a barn that does not find or create holes in fences.

There always is something which I have never seen before, so do not let people tell you they know everything or something absolutely could not happen, as that clever Jersey discovered a new way to impress me, and apparently she does not have to work at it too much.

Oh, and please Mr. Trump tell your EPA, FDA an USDA to make Warbex and Durafan available to Americans  again, off the shelf in rural areas. It would solve a myriad of problems. Make profits too for your Wall Street investors.

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