Monday, April 30, 2018

The Art of the Forked Tongue

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I wrote a witness on this years ago concerning liars and it begs in this lying world of hypocrites to revisit this, as the past months I have been dealing with a liar or I should say liars.

Liars are cowards who are not adult or moral enough to stand up to you. Liars are the worst form of condescending ilk in they either do not care if they are caught in their lies to you or they judge you too stupid to figure out that they just degraded you as cowards in lying to you.

I have met many liars in my sojourn starting with my dad, and that is why I loathe liars so much. I place everything on my word, as it is honor and I always keep my word once given even when I do not want to, as it is my word. So I do not give my word easily or readily as I understand the consequences.
That is why in a conversation TL had with a gal from when I was in Sunday school said to TL, "LC was always a good kid. That is why out of duty LC stayed around and helped LC's parents".

See people see what kind of life you lead and if you are honest, pay your bills, are not a son of a bitch, have principles, they will not give you awards, but people know you are honest. You one time screw someone over, lie to them, pull something on them and come hell and high water, you will find that people over and over start calling you that damned liar.

There are big lies and there are white lies. White lies are the things you tell your child when they are dying that they will get better as it is cruel to put that on a child. Big lies are the ones like this example in last year I started missing some feed around here for the goats. It was grain and as it is purchased I do monitor it. I started noticing quite a quantity missing and after looking for tracks, deducting what was taking place, I realized that someone I had asked THREE TIMES if they were snitching grain and they swore they were not, was lying to me.
I finally said I was calling the sheriff to find out who it was. It was a bluff, but that person sat there silent as I was going to expose all of this to the police which is about the last thing you want in a police state. They were willing to expose me to the authorities to protect their own ass. That is what I mean about a coward. They will sell you down the river to save themselves.

There has been a pattern in this person in I ask them to do things, to stop doing things, and they agree, and soon enough I find out that nothing has changed as they are lying to my face, even when I confront them.

This came to a head this morning when another issue arose. I told them that if they were still doing what I told them not to, that if I found out different, that there would be hell to pay around here.
What I received was, "I am not lying". The problem with this is, I caught this person several times before on this same life and death issue lying to me, so I informed them, "We have been through this, in I told you before to stop, and you lied to me and kept doing it. I no longer trust you as your word means nothing to me as I have caught you in six major lies this past year as you thought it was cool when your elderly mum was lying to their son, but lies have consequences."

To that I received, "I am not lying LC". I repeated their word now meant nothing to me as trust was gone as they were lying all the time. To that I received, "I am not lying". Which I again I said their word meant nothing as they lied to me before and unless they worked to rebuild the trust, nothing would change.

That got a harrumph and a pout, and I know nothing will change, as I am dealing with a liar, who I informed when Jesus replays the life events, this person can claim they are not a liar all they want and the record shows different.

This person is a versed christian, and most people would say they are a good person, but the fact is they are lying to me out of complete disrespect and while I probably let it slide years ago in it has been going on that long, they have been lying to me for some time.

The thing is this person is one of those liars where "their lies are ok", but other people's lies matter. This person would beat their children for lying, but again their lies are ok as they have an excuse for them.

Revelation 21:8
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Christ is quite clear in no liars enter into eternal Life. Liars are of their father the devil and lumped with the worst of sinners, as without the Truth all there are, are lies. Your deliberate lies to others are a pattern for your lying life in making excuses for your sins, but lying to yourself that Jesus blood covers unrepentent sins.

The thing is previously as a child I experienced this person's "honesty". They literally would not claim ignorance and get people into conflict over the most simple of things. I remember my Uncle hunting on a state park for elk and the ranger told the guy with them to shoot an elk. The guy kept saying, "That elk is on federal land" and the ranger said, "No shoot it". After this went on for awhile  the ranger said, "Yeah I guess it is". See that ranger knew that elk was on federal land, but that elk was eating state feed all year, and he wanted it shot out of ignorance as a way of balancing the system. Those are the lies to get along in a police state world. You never lie to the police, but if someone in a county office tells you to sign a paper with your deceased parents name on it, you do it as they are trying to help you get through the system and you keep your mouth shut about it.
Those are the little lies that happen all the time in this world, but the person I am writing about would be like that hunter in thinking they were going to hell over something that is not even in the Bible, but this same person would hang you out to dry to save themselves and cause all kinds of problems in another person's life.

So I am dealing with a liar and pouty person. Their rules in granting carte blanche to their harmful acts are the rules that only matter and it can cause all kinds of problems for me, but that part does not matter to them as there is zero respect and their conscience is seared as they read the Bible, say "God bless you" and hand out "I forgive you" in the biggest hypocrisy like numbers of you frauds reading this telling yourselves what good people you are.

You will answer for your sins, and all sin can be broken down to not lying or stealing, because stealing is taking the Truth and lying is stealing from honesty. I did what I did as I reached break point several times this past years, in warning, and informing that actions have consequences. A liar telling someone they are not lying is worthless as there is absolutely no foundation for their word.

I need none of this as I have enough sins to deal with on my own platter that I try to not repeat, as doing this blog and dealing with all I do here, and then the liars who make contact with this blog who think they are getting away with something when God records all is wearing and it does interfere with the Word God desires placed here. It just makes me reach down further to try to do what God expects of me, so I do not answer for other peoples sins in not telling them of those sins. I do not have the luxury of lies as I have to labor and my rest is not in this life as the rich horde their cash in there will be no green tree with shade by a pond to restore my Spirit to have revelations for humanity to make things better.

So next time you are about to lie in the big lies, just remember you got yourself into that position in arrogance and you are telling the other person you do not respect them in the least, and if that person is of Christ, you are lying to God and telling Jesus you have zero respect for them.

I have absolutely no  time for liars as they are worthless ilk which have no foundation for what is important in trust.

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