Sunday, April 29, 2018

David Hogg Protests at White House Correspondents Dinner

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 Student Journalist Provocateur David not out of the closet Hogg,was at the white House Correspondent's Dinner.

Let us have some Dire Straits to set the may sing if you like.

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David Hogg Attends White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Campaigns Against NRA

But by the photos released of Reporter Hogg, he was not the least bit pleased with his reward as he opened a barrage of verbal attacks against his benefactors led by Michael Bloomberg.


I sold my soul to Shylock Michael Bloomberg
 and all I got was a Nigger boy who keeps  asking
me for bananas

 Yes Reporter David Hogg went into a complete scorched earth, not against the NRA, the National Rifle Association, but against the NRA, the Nigger Reparations Allowance, where Jewish donors hand out little Nigger boys to rich white privileged boys who are awkward with girls or the same sex homosexuals.


 I like having my Michelle with a little cream and sugar, David.

I had no idea such a programme existed, but apparently it is quite big in the liberal elite circles, as who simply could get enough of Designer Negro Obama, in everyone wants one, and desires to keep the traditional alive, as George W. Bush has his hands full with that attractive Michelle Obama, in his getting some.

 It upsets me that David Hogg did not like his Nigger boy
after I personally chose one to exploit...

The Lame Cherry actually praises Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts of MOMS for their advocacy of placing little Black children with little White boys who have no friends or playmates, in order to benefit all of society  and David Hogg opening a campaign against the Nigger Reparation Allowance is just a foolishness of youth and in time he will enjoy is own pet Negro, in noting that he is taller, and the Negro makes him look more attractive to his future homosexual partners, as an angry White boy is just an angry White boy, but add a little Nigger boy, and you have a most alluring David Hogg who does not look nor sound so much like a sociopath.

 The Lame Cherry suggests that Michael Bloomberg include with his gifts a banana allowance in some post high school night courses in how to properly appreciate his banana.

 Somehow Julie you make a banana look different

Can we not all just get along, and when Michael Bloomberg hands out little Nigger boys, accept them, and all agree that the the Nigger Reparations Allowance to friendless White boys is for the best as the movies all show that a Nigger sidekick brings out the best in White men.

What would Alfalfa been without Buckwheat?

 The NRA made us the success we are!!!

Linda Ronstadt - Heat Wave - YouTube

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